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Requirements to Get Into Art and Design School

Art and design school requirements vary depending on the type of school, the program, the region and many other factors. Wherever you decide to go to school and whatever your area of interest may be, there will probably be some stringent requirements to get into art and design school. Requirements for entry often differ widely, so it is wise to get a feeling for what the requirements might be for the schools you are most interested in as soon as you can.
If you are planning on attending an art and/or design program at a traditional college or university, you will likely have a choice between fine arts programs, design programs and various majors dedicated to specific types of art or design mediums. Many budding students begin considering the art and design school requirements for their schools of choice as early as high school. Art and design school programs can be very competitive and rigorous, so it helps to get started as early as possible. But not to worry; there are many opportunities available for art students of any age and any level. If you are still in high school, however, it is as a good time to begin taking courses in compulsory subjects that will be required in the school of your choice.
One of the most important art and design school requirements is the portfolio. Regardless of your previous academic work, grade point average or any other factors, the portfolio of your work will make the largest impact on your acceptance into almost any art or design program. So devote your attention to preparing an attractive portfolio in school and at home. It’s also a good idea to be independent in your studies to develop interests, expand your knowledge and improve your vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills. And since fine arts and design admission committees are most often interested in a student’s personal qualities, you might want to consider joining school clubs or groups within your community that are related to your area of interest. Paid and voluntary work experience in your field will increase your chances of admission as well.
The requirements differ from one school to the next, so it’s important to look into each program individually.…

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Only for High School Seniors

with high school pretty much behind you, it’s expected you’ll take a peak at the future and make an effort in order to get the best College schooling you’ve ever dreamed of.
However, a school education is increasingly becoming expensive, and is often merely out of reach for plenty of teenagers.
This harsh financial reality typically causes several potential faculty freshmen who don’t understand the facts about scholarships for high school seniors to allow up on their dream of getting an university education.
This is a real tragedy, because despite the expensive cost of high school scholarships, a school education may be a terribly valuable asset.
In accordance with National data a college education can more or less get hold of itself several times over during the course of an individual’s lifetime. If you are in this scenario, don’t despair. There are numerous scholarships for high school seniors available today, and this web site aims to provide as much information as potential about your options.
In case you are wondering what High school scholarships are…
The majority of people will naturally assume that scholarships for high school seniors are offered to only those with high Gpa scores and a wonderful tutorial record.
Nothing could be further from the truth, several high school scholarships are awarded on the idea of excellence in non academic areas, like community service, the humanities, athletics or any range of alternative community related factors.
Even if you do not have exceptional GPA scores, just go ahead and apply for a scholarship of your choice
Scholarships for high school seniors are not solely awarded by government institutions, however additionally by personal institutions and firms. These corporations sometimes award you a large money payments towards your total school tuition or, in several cases, cover all Faculty expenses, starting from tuition, board and lodge, books etc – essentially which offers a free college education.
The application process could be a normal on-line application, or may take the form of some competition or a demonstration by you to point out why you must be awarded a scholarship over other applicants.
You’re also likely to come across no obligation scholarship applications offering a specific amount online.
Simply to convey you an indication, here are a few samples of scholarships for high school seniors
Contrary to what you believe you know, Corporate companies do have an interest in offering scholarships to College Freshmen, after all, this is the future crop of leaders who may end up working at these sponsoring companies. One such company offering scholarships is the Burger King scholarship Foundation, located in Atlanta, Georgia – this is sometimes awarded to students who, upon completion of their faculty education, be interested in working for the burger king in their company offices.
This can be an awesome scholarship opportunity from a well-known company giant that is not going to disappear overnight.
But the Burger King Scholarship, there are also scholarships for African Yankee ladies, or Hispanic ladies, offered by a company with an interest in minority markets.
Specialist scholarships conjointly exist, such as the culinary arts scholarships, where you master the art of being a sous chef and work on Cruise companies, large hotel chains, or end up becoming your own boss.
Obviously this kind of specialist qualification will also be attained through Trade faculty vs College, with the stress here being hands-on approach as opposed to theory, like most general business degrees.
Ultimately, the key should be to do thorough research on the various sorts of scholarships for high school seniors out there, and apply for the ones that best match your ability and circumstances.
If you are looking for a scholarship, you can’t fail using the approach outlined higher than, and smart luck to most of you, because this is probably to be the primary day of the start of the rest of your life!
Once you get to College, you can start worrying about spring break but, until then, make the most of this opportunity to apply for your very own high school scholarships.…

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Self Defense Tip – Install Additional Locking Devices on Windows For Home Self Defense

Installing additional locking devices on windows and sliding glass doors in your residence is an inexpensive and effective way to defend yourself. Most windows and sliding doors come with locking mechanisms but they are not really designed for self defense. They are merely designed for low end use. If you have a dog or cat door between the sliding glass door and the wall the locking mechanisms are sometimes even less effective.
One of the least expensive window locking devices is a wooden dowel. A wooden dowel is quite effective as well. Purchase a length of dowel from the local hardware store or use an old broom handle, wooden or metal. Cut the dowel to the desired length and lay it in the channel the window or sliding glass door runs through. This works best with windows that move horizontally from left to right or vice versa.
Make sure the dowel is large enough in diameter that the window does not pass over it. Also make sure the dowel is not easily breakable when the window or sliding door is forcefully pushed against it. That would defeat the whole purpose of having it there in the first place. Do not make the length so long that it is difficult to put in or get out. But do not make it short enough to let the dog or the kids out without removing it. Again, if it is too short, it defeats the purpose of having it there.
Vertical windows typically require installing a true manufactured window lock. Obviously there are many sliding glass door and window locks on the market. Both vertical and horizontal window locks and sliding door locks are available in many price ranges. The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a window lock is how easy they are to open in the event of an emergency or self defense scenario.…

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Health and Martial Arts

In today’s society, the sedentary lifestyle is the norm. We may sit at a computer all day at work, or we may spend our evenings mindlessly flipping through the TV channels. From our physical, to emotional, to mental health the majority of North Americans do little to improve our fitness. Martial arts training has been shown to have a number of positive benefits for our minds and bodies as it incorporates strength training, aerobic training, stretching, and mental focus exercises. Indeed, through martial arts, enthusiasts experience not only positive body changes but improvements in mental acuity and focus as well as stress management.
As is the case with any form of exercise, it may take several weeks for an individual to visibly notice physical improvements. Nevertheless, in just a few weeks martial arts training helps to improve cardiovascular fitness while also lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. Generally speaking, practitioners start to experience higher energy levels while also shedding unwanted pounds and improving flexibility. Indeed, the regular practice of martial arts can help to reduce the risk for a wide range of illnesses from hypertension and diabetes to heart disease, respiratory disease, and obesity.
Similarly, martial arts can also have an impressive impact on an individual’s mental health. Some research has shown that consistent training can lead to changes in brain chemistry which ultimately translates to positive change in emotional, behavioural, and physiological states. One of the most common benefits of training with respect to mental health is mood elevation. As a practitioner begins to master new techniques and climb the belt ranking system, feelings of self confidence and esteem are heightened or begin to emerge. Moreover, mood elevation and heightened energy levels provide with improved resistance to depression, anxiety, and even physical illnesses. Through martial arts, you may learn better coping skills as you develop better focus and self discipline.
Many of the benefits of practicing directly related to increased physical activity. Adults know that you must get regular exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only does MMA provide the perfect opportunity to improve your physical and mental health, but it values mutual respect and discipline. While you are learning new skills and techniques in the field of martial arts, you are working in a community of practitioners. You begin to build relationships that encourage your continued focus on the arts and your health.
More importantly, martial arts takes a comprehensive approach to health so practitioners are given an unprecedented opportunity to address their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as one in the same. Through systematic practice, health benefits are wide ranging and include improvements in strength, stamina, flexibility, movement, and more.…

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Youth Orchestra

There are many youths in our society that have a keen interest in music. They may want to be a part of an orchestra so they can perform in front of large audiences. There are more of these youth orchestras forming to keep up with the demand for them. Families that really want to support their child in the area of music may move just so they can be close to one.
There are summer time youth orchestras as well were a child can learn a great deal. They will be able to learn valuable information about music, their own skills, and the performing arts. Many students in this type of summer program grow a great deal both musically and personally as a result of it. They may get more self confidence in the process due to fully understanding what their role will be.
Since many young musicians grow up to still be interested in it starting early is important. They may one day be in a huge symphony orchestra and the more experience they have the better. The competition for getting accepted into such types of performing arts is very stiff. Someone who plays just as well as someone else but has experience from a youth orchestra that they can pull from will get the slot.
Some youth orchestras are free to be a part of as long as they accept you. Others that will teach you more about the ins and outs of it may charge fees. Some youth orchestras also offer great scholarships to help cover fees if necessary. Parents need to do their homework and really search around for the right type of youth orchestra for their child to be in. There needs to be a good connection between the type of music and the child. There also needs to be plenty of personal direction.
Of course music should always be fun too so look for a youth orchestra that is going to provide it as well. You can get applications, eligibility requirements, and more information online. Some allow very young children to be a part of the symphony while others require a minimum age of 11.…

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Home Martial Arts Dojo & Fitness Training Area – Ninja Style – Part Two – Adding a Rope to Your Gym

Though it may not seem like a martial arts tactic, a climbing rope is (in my opinion) essential for any fitness gym. Climbing up a rope will develop your arms, back and abdominals. They are easy to set up, fun to climb and you can get very creative with them.
I had mine high in the tree wrapped around a strong branch. I originally used it with a grappling hook to practice throwing up in the tree and catching onto a large branch. I eventually left it there after one of my climbs. I remember when Eye on LA (an TV show) was shooting the video and I was about to climb the rope. I asked them how they would like me to climb it – with or without feet. They were perplexed, so I climbed it without feet and remember the bottom of the rope bouncing around near the camera. Lucky for me I was on the wrestling team where access to ropes was a daily part of our routine.
Yes, there is a pretty big difference when it comes to climbing a rope with or without your feet. The later being far more challenging. Both require some instruction and practice. Climbing the rope itself will develop the grip and strength needed to climb higher. However, you might want to use some grip training tools that you can practice with at the office or in front of the TV.
The bottom of the rope was about head height which was great as I could use it for other training too. For example I would hang any manner of fruit (lemons, oranges etc) and then cut them to pieces with my swords and even kama.
A rope is not only for vertical climbs. It is also a lot of fun if you tie them from tree to tree horizontally. Almost every camp we have organized that included an obstacle course has included both the horizontal and vertical climbing rope. If you have a lot of rope, you can get very creative and come up with something challenging and fun to play on.
The rope I used as a teenager was the brown hemp rope. Mine wasn’t very thick (about 1-2 inches) so I tied knots in it to make it easier to grip and if you are barefoot you can step on the knots. Note that when you put a knot in a rope you are making it weaker, so be sure to use a very strong rope. Now I only use very thick rope (like something you would find on a ship) that is about 3-5 inches thick. These offer an amazing grip.
Static climbing or rappelling rope can be used too, but often they are too skinny to grip, so knots are usually a must. Best if you can double (fold) this type of rope so there is more security and more to grip.
A general rule for a good climbing rope is to have whatever you are grabbing to be about at least (thicker is easier to climb) the same width as a pull up bar, but never larger than what the hand can grasp.
I recently set up another large rope (about 3 inches thick) at our camp in Thailand (it was previously used to anchor a large boat). Climbing this monster, I was reminded of how great of a workout you can get – especially on the upper abs.
Be sure to find a rope that inspires you to climb and swing like Tarzan. All the playing you do on a rope will pay off with biceps, back muscles, improved ab strength and an amazing grip to list a few.
DO NOT use nylon ropes or anything similar unless you want to burn the skin on your hands and feet if you tie them horizontally.
If you have a small target to kick or punch, I suggest that you hang these on the end of your rope, but leave the rope hanging about head height so you have to jump up to it and so you can swing on it. If you do hang a punching bag or something to strike to the bottom, be sure that it isn’t a lot of weight and that you have your rope securely connected to a tree or other anchor.
It is also important that you check the rope regularly to ensure that it is safely connected to the tree and not wearing down from weather or general wear and tear. Never have your ropes rubbing against or along another object or they will slowly be cut. Best to replace your ropes on a regular basis if you suspect anything to be wrong with your rope.
Connecting your rope will require some experience with knots unless you are …

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Two Keys to Becoming a Functional Grappler

Developing skill in grappling is one thing, developing the skills necessary to perform during sparring and competition is something else entirely. Let’s go over two key skills that will enable you to outperform the competition.
Number one is knowing how to combine techniques.
Combinations are critical to mounting an advanced and dangerous offense. By combining several techniques and alternating through them, it becomes very difficult for your opponent to defend against your attacks. There are several submissions that work very well together, the armlock and triangle choke are two great examples of submissions that can be combined effectively. So to apply this to your training, find two submissions that work well together off of the same position. Make sure you have them down pat and start drilling them in combination.
Then once you’re very comfortable with them start using them while sparring. Think about combinations in grappling the same way a boxer would use combinations. It is extremely rare that a boxer will knock an opponent out with just one punch. Normally, he sets his opponent up with a combination, be it that he fakes with a jab, getting his opponent to react to that and then nails him with a right. Or just that throwing a combination that is too fast for his opponent to properly react to each punch.
Work this concept into your grappling and it will definitely take your game to a higher level.
Next is understanding and knowing the importance and limits of repetition. Many people will tell you that repetition will lead to the perfection of your techniques. This is only a half-truth.
Yes, repetition IS necessary to develop proper technique however it has it’s limits. I would say that perfect and focused repetition is more productive than repetition alone. Think about it. Do you think 1000 reps of the same move will develop your skill as much as 100 reps where there is an effort to get all the details down perfectly as well as stay focused on the details as you’re performing them? I would go with the 100 any day. My point here is that although repetition is critical, you can fall into a trap where you waste time and do little for your advancement by aimlessly performing reps.
Stay focused on proper execution, pay attention to the details and make every rep count. This will take your skills further then doing 10 times the reps poorly.…