5 Reasons to Visit Singapore For a Holiday

Singapore is a tourist friendly city that sees a large number of visitors every year. Here are the top five reasons to visit the city of Singapore.

1. Easy Access to Asia- Singapore is an island city that offers flights to and from almost every major city in Asia. It is a hub that connects Asia to the rest of the world, and travellers who are looking to visit other countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia will be easily be able to include Singapore on their itinerary and spend a couple of days in this magnificent city.

2. Singapore is a green city – Singapore has strict regulations with regards to cleanliness, and these rules have kept the city area of Singapore eco-friendly and green. On account of the government program that started in the 1960s, the city has made an effort to turn itself into a garden city, and today, Singapore is easily one of the greenest cities in the world. Visitors to Singapore will enjoy the clean air and scenic surroundings.

3. Shopping – Visitors to Singapore will enjoy shopping in this region which has plenty to offer the budget and the luxury traveller. Some of the best shopping destinations in Singapore include Orchard Road and Bugis Street. Tourists will also enjoy a visit to Chinatown and the Little India district which has a 24-hour mall. Singapore is an ideal place for shoppers, with a range of different products available at competitive prices in malls located all over the city.

4. Museums- Visitors to Singapore with an interest in culture and history will enjoy the many museums in the region. Some of the popular options include the Changi Museum, the Singapore Science Centre, Singapore Art Museum, Peranakan Museum, Maritime Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum, Nei Xue Tang Museum, Mint Museum of Toys and the international visitors are sure to enjoy. These museums often host events that showcase a number of art forms from Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cultures.

5. Singapore is a holiday destination for any budget – When visiting Singapore, it is not necessary to travel with a lot of money as the region is capable of catering to any budget. The budget traveller will find plenty of inexpensive flights to Singapore and can stay at one of the many budget hotels on the island. Using Singapore’s public transport system will also help to save on costs. If you would prefer an extravagant holiday, Singapore has plenty of options to offer in terms of a luxury vacation. Several exquisite restaurants and luxury hotel options are available all over the city; while Orchard Road boasts some of the best designer label boutiques in Singapore.

By Laura