7 Fantastic and World-Renowned Museums in Chicago

7 Fantastic and World-Renowned Museums in Chicago

If you mentioned museums in Chicago to me as something to do when I was younger it wouldn’t have had an appeal to me. Because when I was a kid I was never very fond of going to museums, it was always something that we did but it was almost always very boring for me.

That all changed when I was in College, and I had the chance to see these giant magnificent museums in Chicago. They are simply amazing, you can see so much culture, from the past and present and some even tell you what’s being developed for the future, its simply phenomenal! These cover everything from science, culture, art, under the water, history and more. Take a look perhaps you’re like me, this made it makes so many things come alive that I’d never thought much about before they’re simply astounding.

Here is a list of great museums in Chicago:

1. The Field Museum: This fantastic museum has the largest most complete T-Rex called Sue, plus great exhibits from around the world. Tens of thousands of historical artifacts are in this museum making it worth a visit.

2. The Shedd Aquarium: If you’ve ever wondered about what life would be like underwater this museum literally has groups of water animals from around the world from the oceans, to the tropical rainforest. Spend time here and see the world like you haven’t before. It’s amazing and even a little frightening to see a giant tank with a shark swimming right next you.

3. The Art Institute or Chicago Art Museum is close by and it has such an elaborate display of many various types of art from around the world. This museum is one of only a few world-renowned art museums that have the variety and volume of display seen here.

4. The Planetarium, space travel is explored, from the inception to the future of space understanding and travel. Enjoy hands on exhibits and excellent movies that make you feel like you’re really there.

5. The Science Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry is one of my personal favorite, see what it’s really like to be aboard a German Submarine, ask someone about DNA, explore trains, boats, space travel and so much more. This huge museum is an excellent spot for anyone intrigued in science from early development to current and future endeavors.

6. The Children’s museum on Navy Pier, each of the above museums have areas where kids can explore and interact to their hearts content, but this Children’s museum has three floors full of fun exploration, from climbing, to building, to safety exploration, a water room and much more. I’ve taken kids here and it’s difficult to convince them that it’s time to go. This is a place your kids will be begging you to take them back to.

7. Cultural museums in Chicago range from the Du Sable museum of African American Heritage, to the National Museum Mexican Cultural Art, The Glessner Museum on Urban life, architecture and more.