A New Age for the Graphic Arts

A New Age for the Graphic Arts

When we look at the past years of the great artists who surprised us with their feats of discipline, rigor and an almost divine ability, even before the Renaissance, when graphic arts defined religion and paintings were venerated as sacred elements, no one imagined the possibilities that technology would give to the new generations of artists that could highlight the merit of his skill, but with the technical assistance that provides a computer.

Enhancing the outlook of futurist artists, raise a huge number of possibilities to create images without technical limitations and time. The deep emotion of the creator is now supported by the technologies that help them without the need to understand complex sequences of codes or logarithmic operations. Off course thanks to the ingenious programmers that not just in the art, but in a lot of fields helps our civilization to live an easier life due to the informatics.

But we can say that the whole sphere of the knowledge works to develop systems that mimic the sense of the life, through the eyes of the human being, where actually exists several 2 D and 3 D applications capable to calculate things like color dynamics, stroke behaviors, lineal variations etc.

And also for the advanced technologies of graphic art for the entertainment industry, the computers can calculate physics, light, movement, fluids, texture and even all these aspects combined, make possible to copy in a high proportion, the way of looking of a human. All this about, close to create an experience of reality that can fool our savvy eyes make them believe that the world of the science fiction in the early literature of Julio Verne and Isaac Asimov among others can be totally possible, at least, to provide us a beautiful scenario of fantasy that is in the hands of good people.

If you think that a computer or even an application by themselves can build graphic arts like those you see in the cinema you should know that we may be close to automate the realization of art, but actually, will be a lot of years before we see it, if we do. So the unlimited possibilities that offer to the art realization, simple things like a computer, a 2 D and 3 D application, also some few devices like a tablet which can be really intuitive, are just an extension of your refined skills which in fact can unleashed an important potential.