Animation Is All About Being Creative

To define the term ‘Animation’, it could be said that it is an illusion of motion that is developed by displaying a chronological display of various images in real speed. Pictures could either be displayed via 2D technique or even three dimensional. The optical illusion which is one vital aspect relating animation creation is a result of a phenomenon that is better recognized as ‘persistence of vision’. This remains as one most general form of creating characters with animated effect. There are various techniques that are used to come up with those creations. Some like to stick with the old traditional forms whilst a few do not mind going the modern way.

Traditional- During the 20th century, this technique was extensively used in film making. The initial step that is taken up here is of drawing of various sequences of characters. Then they are Xeroxed on acetate sheets. Sides of the sheets opposite to the line drawings need to be filled with the specific hues to be used. Post this; photographs of them are taken on motion pictures via the help of rostrum camera.

Computerized- There are two categories under this classification which are 2D and 3D and vector graphics are used with various techniques like tweening, interpolated, morphing, rotoscoping and onion skinning. Rigging is a method that is used in three dimensional category and it is the digital models that are made for this type of process. Animator can easily manipulate the looks of the characters via various features.

Stop motion- The technique makes use of the similar phenomenon of optical illusion to develop its creations. But the real world objects are physically manipulated and photographed with a frame at a time.

Skilled pupils like creating something new at all times. If you visit any of the websites of a multimedia school, you’d be able to see in the animation gallery the creations made by the students. In 2D, they use CorelDraw, Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Illustrator software, etc. For 3D, programs such as Maya or Max are brought into usage.

By Laura