Art Museum and Galleries Available at Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the biggest cities in the United States of America. It is also a home to many museums. This makes it very rich in terms of heritage. One of the most crucial museums that are available in this city is the International Spy Museum. This is a museum that serves as an exhibition centre for things and ways used by the intelligence personnel to arrest criminals. This is a good centre for the local people to learn how the intelligence of their state works. It is also a good place for the students who wish to venture into the intelligence arena. It will equip them with a base for building their career. These students will have access to the materials used by the intelligence agents. The material contained here are past and modern. It is a good place to learn how intelligence has improved.

Another museum you can check on is the National Air and Space Museum. It will show you the art of space exploration. The museum contains the models and pictures of many aircraft that were used long time ago. These pictures have been designed in a very creative manner. This museum is a center that will show you artistic designs of modern aircraft like the F-16. This centre has the model of the first space craft that landed on moon. Other arts in this museum are spaceships and submarines.

Another art museum that is found in Washington DC is the Bead Museum. This is a small museum that is located within this city. It is used to exhibit some of the best world class gems and jewelry. This museum was named after beads because some of the best beads collections of the world are found here. This museum houses both past and recent day jewelry. It is a museum that was constructed to nurture the talent and safeguard the work of artisans who have been in this industry for so long with the aim of providing the best jewelry to people.

The National Museum of African art is another museum that you can visit when in Washington DC. This is a museum that has a collection of African art which includes jewelry, baskets and dolls. There is also the American Art Museum that contains some of the world’s renowned collection of paintings. This is the place you will see the work of some of the world’s well known artists.

By Laura