Being Like Water

Water is a fantastic analogy for life.
It could be argued that adaptation is at the heart of the meaning of life, we must all compromise and adapt to things we don’t want to happen, to people imposing on us and since we cannot change the situation we must change ourselves instead. We can only change how we react.
Many people still live under the delusion that they don’t have to have change in their existence, that they can remain unchanging and unchallenged, this is not a successful way to live.
The original teachings of Jesus of Nazareth show us the best way to live and respond without damaging each other and ourselves too greatly – whilst maintaining love and respect for one another.
Organised religion is political, it is motivated by uniformity, not unity.
A personal relationship with God is based upon a religion of personal experience, as God can only be experienced as truth by each of us. We are not Gods ourselves, but he is immediately available to us all, as he lives inside us all.
We do still need each other as people, how would we know who we were if we did not have each other to tell us? A man alone could not see who he was, he has no reference point to do so.
How can love exist without others to love and love us?
However distant our relationship with others and however lost we feel, salvation can be found in the truth of our indwelling spirit of God and real love, real love being always responsible.
Community is a powerful tool in the hands of responsible and loving people. As governments crumble and regimes rise and fall, successful communities will safeguard many from the dangers of isolation, poverty and loss of faith.
We must remain fluid and transparent – honest, honesty gives us all a clear picture of the world and what is happening in it at any time – lies destroy that view and lead us to respond inappropriately.
Love erodes – like water on rock – over time – hate is like rock itself – immovable, and deliberately non – understanding.
Jesus said that if we would be first, we must be last – in other words, we must serve to gain what is worth gaining in this life.
Loving service, to all, is the way to happiness, and self realisation.