According to Aylward, Hartley and Field in the article “Appreciation of the Art Curriculum for Preschoolers to Early Childhood Development”, art has valuable benefits in early childhood life periods including increasing self-confidence. Art also helps children’s brains grow and develop, which results in increased learning capacity.


Children who are given the opportunity to study and engage in the arts gain not only knowledge and understanding of the arts, but also benefits in the areas of language, skills, preschool readiness, music appreciation, self-confidence and self-understanding. Because the main job of a child is playing, it gives children the opportunity to learn with concepts that are appropriate for their age and stage of development.

Art And Self Development

Self-confidence in early childhood, will have a direct impact on their growth. This is the basic form of how a child knows himself and the value or importance of him. Because at the age of adolescence, a child begins to gain a sense of as an individual, the early childhood period is a time to support the development of healthy self-confidence. Young children usually enjoy art activities and derive satisfaction from their participation in many ways. Making things of themselves and feeling proud of their creation, can support the formation of good self-confidence. Children also learn about praise or criticism by teachers, parents and other children about the work they have made.

Art And Knowledge

Art has many facets and young people who participate in all fields of art can learn it from a basic level. They are receptive to learning about types of art from scratch, such as pictograms and petroglyphs, or getting to know famous artists. This gives young children the opportunity to learn by creating things like pictograms and petroglyphs.

Brain Development

With advances in medical technology over the last decade, the understanding of the growth and development of the child’s brain continues to be developed. Providing opportunities for children to be creative while playing is the cornerstone of developmentally appropriate practice. Art is a way to guide young people towards creativity and healthy brain development. Experimenting with art media offers the young brain the opportunity to strengthen neural pathways, resulting in abilities in the areas of creativity, imagination, sensory and fine motor integration. Children’s ability to tell stories or describe things can improve their language skills and social emotional development.

By Laura