Best Art Museums in Canada to Visit

Canada is a country rich with culture and art. Its various museums display a wide variety of spectacular art pieces, sculptures, glassworks and more. Art binds people across nations and the artistic expressions of Canada are no less. Canada boasts of great museums for the art lovers.

Started in 1880, National Gallery of Canada is a great place to start your discovery of Canadian art. This museum holds many beautiful collections of historic as well as contemporary art pieces which give its visitors a more unique sense of the true identity and beauty of Canada. It’s located in Ottawa and is one of the best art museums in Canada. The Glenbow Museum in Calgary follows close behind with its museums, library and rich archives which all together create a beautiful ‘Western Canadian’ experience for its visitors. It has over a million artefacts and boasts to be one of the largest art museums in Canada. It has a lot of variety in its exhibits and not just showcases the art pieces which define Canada but also displays some beautiful art pieces from around the globe.

Musee de la Civilisation is a large museum which houses a 18th century house couple with rowboats. Stone wharfs and offers many such traditional themes for the visitors. Located in Quebec City, it’s a must visit for those interested in unorthodox themes and art. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is located both in Yarmouth as well as Halifax and offers historic works of art in relation to Nova Scotia and other multi-cultural art pieces. Another large museum to look forward to in Canada is located in Toronto and is called the Art Gallery of Ontario. It boasts of having over 79,000 pieces of artworks which includes historic art pieces, contemporary art and even photographs worth seeing.

A few other famous art museums are Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

By Laura