Christian Art – A Fine Tool for Glorifying Christianity

Christian art is a fine tool of art used for glorifying the serene, pure and detailed aspects of Christianity. The primary purpose of this form of art is to portray in tangible form the principles of Christianity.

Centuries Old Art Form

You will be astonished to know that Christian Art is thousands of centuries old. It began its journey way back in the 6th century.

The Reformation, a religious movement, accelerated the production of Christian Art. The paintings were produced in abundance for churches, clergy and the laity. The artists also shifted to secular genres, such as landscapes and portrait paintings.

Jesus Christ is the Core of Christian Art

Christian Art revolves around the life, times, teachings and images of Jesus Christ. Most importantly it clearly depicts His birth, crucifixion and resurrection from the dead.

Making Use of Images

The foundations of Christianity is rooted in Judaism, and to a great extent they are both allied religions, the exception being, the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Messiah. In Christianity the usage of images are allowed to express art in its entirety, however the usage of images in Judaism is forbidden.

The scenes from the Old and the New Testaments holds a vital place in art. Also it is to be noted that in Protestant art the images of the Virgin Mary are much more rare that Roman Catholicism and Eastern Othodoxy.

Change in People’s Outlook Towards the Sacred

There was an upheaval in the field of sacred art in the 19th century. Artists began to broaden their outlook and started painting from a universal, non-sectarian and secular aspect.

Christian has been acknowledged for the purpose of worshiping God, however gradually people began to appreciate beautiful works of art simply for art’s sake. fine art is thus regarded for what it is as well as what it represents.

In the modern era, several artists such as Eric Gill, Elizabeth Frink, Graham Sutherland, Henry Matisse, Jacob Epstein and Marc Gill has produced popular works of art for Churches.

Over the centuries art has evolved as a precious and sacred form of art. There are constant researches being conducted in this field to make the lovers of fine art more aware of its significance in popular Christian culture.

Art is not just about religion; it is also about, humanity, compassion, and love.

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By Laura