Enjoy Your Holiday in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun

Phoenix is the capital of the state of Arizona in the United States of America. It is one of the largest cities in the county. It is bang in the middle of the desert, and is known for its extremely hot summers. It has traditionally been a center for agriculture for the Native Americans. Despite the hot desert climate, an extensive canal system put in place by the Native Americans ensures year round irrigation for agriculture. Some of the remains of the ancient canals are visible in the outskirts of the now modern city.

Cheap flights to Phoenix are available year round. Visitors, because of the intense desert climate, usually avoid the summer months. Winters are mild and sometimes warm, making it the best season to enjoy the outdoors.

Air Canada, British Airways and US Airways have flights to Phoenix. They have a dedicated terminal at the Phoenix International Airport. The city has a sizable Hispanic population. To cater to this segment of the population, Aeromexico has air flights with cheap tickets to Phoenix.

The city is spread out with a good network of public transport. Due to the intense heat during summers, walking and bicycling become a difficult task. Some mode of transport is needed even to cover short distances. The city has some beautiful sites to explore. The museums, gardens and parks are unique, relating to life in the desert.

The city has a distinct native culture. Even when the first settlers came in, they built a number of water reservoirs to sustain the already existing agriculture. It is a treat to see extensive farming in the middle of the desert. The Desert Botanical Garden has an impressive collection of samples of desert flora. This place is worth a visit to see how plants have adapted to the harsh conditions. Some desert animals of the small kind can also be spotted here. Another interesting place to visit here is the Ro Ho En Japanese Garden. It is a typical Japanese garden, however closed during the summer months. The Heard Museum is a must visit. It has some interesting exhibits depicting the Native American culture. The Hopi Kachina dolls are on display here. The Phoenix Art Museum has works by American, Asian and Latin American artists.

The Sea Life Aquarium has some fantastic specimens of the fascinating sea world. A hike to the Piestewa Peak in the middle of the Phoenix Mountain Park is for the really adventurous. It is about an hour’s hike to the peak, offering some stunning views. This is, however, not advisable during the summer months. Many tour operators offer Desert Safaris during the day and night on Hummers. It is a sporty experience all together.

A lot of hotels and motels are available in the city offering good deals on twin sharing basis. Cheap flights to the city, with a lot of sun protection, make this city a good holiday destination.

By Laura