Extreme Makeover Starts in Art Museum


A makeover can help you look good from head to toe. In order to understand the key factor in this process it is important to understand color theory. The following article explains how a visit to an art museum can help you understand this important concept.


Makeovers deal with wardrobe, and they necessarily help you see color in a new way. To appreciate this, it is important for a client to gain an understanding of color theory. The best way to do this is to study the work of various painters, especially those who use color in bold and striking ways, such as van Gogh.

Artists understand color because it is the chief tool of their trade. One very good artist to study is van Gogh since he used color in spectacular ways. He also used color in a way that will help you with your makeover.


The Met is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, it houses a collection of van Gogh paintings. These paintings embody the concept of complementary colors. This means van Gogh puts on display the very concept that you need to master to look good.

An extreme makeover will help you understand that color contrast is important. This boils down to understanding the theory of complementary colors. One example will suffice. Blue and yellow are complementary colors in some color systems. This means they will look good when placed side by side. They will add intensity to each other.

Look at van Gogh’s paintings and you will see him consciously using this color theory. He often juxtaposes blue and yellow. Visiting the Met will inspire you to utilize this color theory when dressing for success.


A client who learns from great artists like van Gogh is likely to make great strides forward in wardrobe matching. You’ll not only learn a great deal by looking at how van Gogh matches colors, but you’ll also have fun. We often bring our clients to the Met to teach them color theory.

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By Laura