Factors to Consider When Buying Concealed Carry Shirts

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a shirt that will allow you to conceal your firearm. First, the material used in your shirt should be heavier, which will increase the concealment of your gun. The shirt should not be too form-fitting, as this could make it easier for passersby to see your firearm. The pattern on the shirt should also be an essential factor, as it can help make your gun more visible. Finally, you should consider the activities you will be performing, since this will affect the type of shirt you should buy.

Shirts can be worn untucked.

The best concealed carry shirt should be considered before purchasing it. Shirts that are too tight can cause difficulty clearing cover to access the gun. Ensure that your concealed carry shirt is roomy enough to grip it comfortably. There are several concealed carry shirts with benefits and drawbacks. Consider buying a custom covered carry shirt to avoid these issues.

Shirts with holsters are usually designed to fit snugly to wear comfortably and effectively. In addition, many holsters have pockets to carry a gun on your left or right side. Some also have long tails, which prevent the holster from riding up the waistband. 

Patterns can make your gun more visible.

A pattern on your concealed carry shirt can reduce the printing of your handgun. Patterns are not the same for all concealment methods, however. Patterns that break up the line of vision are the best starting point. Colored patterns hide the bulge of the gun, whereas stripes or vertical patterns draw attention to it. 

Shirts that are designed for concealed carry are also available in different styles. One style is the tie-front shirt. These shirts are generally fitted through the upper body but flare out at the waistline. This design is convenient because it makes it easy to access your firearm. Another type is the undershirt holster. Shirts that come with a concealed carry holster often feature the gun’s silhouette on the front.

Safety is a significant factor.

When buying concealed carry shirts, choose a comfortable shirt that covers your weapon. Since most of these shirts are tactical in style, they are inappropriate for many social situations. In addition, some designs may shout, “I’m armed!” so make sure your shirt is inconspicuous. If you plan to wear a concealed carry shirt at work, make sure your employer approves the purchase and meets their dress code and uniform requirements.

When choosing a concealed carry shirt, select one with a long tail to tuck the gun in without risking your safety. Choose a shirt with a built-in holster to make concealment easier. Finally, choose a lightweight shirt to stay hidden while you’re on the job, but that can also be easily removed.

Quality is a significant factor.

There are several important factors to consider when buying a concealed carry shirt. First, you want a breathable shirt made of natural fibers, and you’ll want to find one that is structured to prevent gun prints. Look for an undershirt made of light cotton, as it will reduce sweat corrosion. Finally, look for a shirt made of several layers of fabric rather than a single one that is lightweight and does not wick away sweat.

A high-quality shirt will offer more concealment. A heavy-duty shirt will be better than a thin-material top, which may allow you to display your firearm. It should also have details printed, but the printing should not be overly large. When choosing a concealed carry shirt, consider your activities to guide your selection. Do you plan on hiking or biking? Consider a polo-style shirt.

Size is a significant factor.

When buying a concealed carry shirt, size is of vital importance. Casual button-down shirts typically come in standard sizes. However, it may be advantageous to purchase one size up to ensure you have extra room at the waist and the hem. A more oversized shirt also allows you to untuck it easily. Avoid purchasing a shirt with tight fabric since it will prevent you from concealing your weapon. Besides, you may waste money on a shirt that doesn’t fit right.

There are many concealed carry shirts available on the market. Size is of utmost importance. Generally, a larger size is a better choice. However, there are some exceptions. You should check the size chart on the manufacturers’ website before buying a shirt. You should also check if the manufacturer offers different sizes of concealed carry shirts. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide measurements for a particular type of shirt, it is not a guarantee that the item will fit you.