Fine Art Gallery – Benefit Four – Responsibility and Commitment to the Co-Op Gallery Experience

“The more you give the more comes your way.”

Responsibility and Commitment: without these two qualities, where are you? Not to far along in following your dreams I would suspect. Remember, You make it happen. When you are a part of a co-op gallery or group you accept the responsibility to participate, to help it grow and expand. From the moment your name is posted, you supply a bio, images of your art, your email, you start getting notices and you respond… this action grows over time and as you respond more there becomes more to respond to… but without your commitment and feeling of being responsible to respond… nothing happens… you are just a blob. Being a member, a part of a greater community… brings into your life the quality of having and giving from another perspective.

Here are thoughts for being responsible and committed:

• Stepping up to the challenge: Think positive thoughts. Start slowly if you have to, get a feeling for the general membership and group and figure out where you fit, where the skills you have will make the biggest difference.

• Supporting the cause: if there is a need, speak up, take the challenge and do it… whether its changing a sitting date or volunteering for some part of a project… start getting your energy moving in the right direction… and by participating with a group your energy is no longer alone… it has support and gets recharged.

• We’re in this together: the more you join in the more you are joined… the value from what you’ll learn and gain by doing your part will be returned in volume in different ways. Sometimes giving is just a matter of speaking your expertise about how to do something or making a referral.

For me, “it”, life, doesn’t work without commitment… being responsible for your own success and goodwill.

Have you thought about joining a community in your area or starting one? Be sure to check out your local opportunities… you’ll be glad you did… the benefit will be amazing!

By Laura