Fine Art Gallery – Benefit Two – Community and the Art Group, Co-Op Gallery Experience

Fine Art Gallery – Benefit Two – Community and the Art Group, Co-Op Gallery Experience

“Having someone in the same boat helps get you there faster.”

Community: a group of people joining together and having the same interests, work etc. in common. Artists with similar goals and commitment for making something happen and sharing with the group. Where all members put their time and expertise into benefiting the groups success. A co-op has committees assigned for the variety of tasks necessary to run a successful gallery. From member selection, monthly shows, annual tours to organizing all the events for the year… this cannot be done without community participation.

• Artist Members: it’s always great inspiration to talk with other artists about what they are doing, how they do it – their process, where they go – other galleries or groups, who they talk to – reps or journalists.

• Group Shows: where the membership comes together in working on a similar theme… showing their same and different perspectives and based on the medium they use. A theme can bring a community together in a different way.

• Local Public: they frequent the gallery and come to openings, spreading the reach of possible buyers of art.

• Notices of Art Call-for-Entry Opportunities: most artists belong to other mailing lists and groups, they have access to notices of multiple calls-for-entry for a wide variety of Open Calls… AND they pass it along to the group.

• Group Encouragement: where people want everyone to do and feel good about their artwork… to get noticed and expand opportunities and helpful evaluations of progress.

For me, being a part of a co-0p gallery and community art groups has created moments for me to remember when I participated in hanging new work in the gallery, sitting at a table with other artists for hours applying labels to postcards for a mail-out, or creating a brochure for a group event… knowing what I’m doing is making a difference and that the conversation and friendships that are being created are irreplaceable.

Have you thought about joining a community in your area or starting one? The next benefit I’ll talk about is the Running a Business aspect of the co-op gallery.