Flat Screen TV Frame

Flat Screen TV Frame

There are three different approaches for a flat screen TV frame. One is a motorized art frame that hides the TV behind a picture. These often come with a casing that is built into the wall providing ventilation and other important features. Another approach is a mirror frame that hides the TV behind a two way mirror. The TV is only seen when turned on, otherwise the frame just looks like an ordinary mirror. Last is a simple picture frame that is placed around a TV similar to the framing of any other painting or picture. In this case the TV is always visible. In this case, when not in use, electronic art is often displayed on the television.

Things to Consider

There are several things to consider when evaluating flat screen TV frames. First is ventilation. Many of the new TVs run fairly hot, most do not have fans because they do not want to add noise so they count on air circulation to cool. If they TV does not get the proper circulation it will run hotter than it was designed to and this will shorten the life of the TV. Some of the better flat screen TV frames include a casing that provides fans to help with the air circulation and cool the TV.

TV Speakers

Another thing to consider is your speakers. When framing, speakers can be added within the frame so that are not seen unless the television is on. These can be speakers that came with the TV or aftermarket speakers. In either case it is just a matter of planning for the frame size to be big enough to enclose the TV and speakers.

TV Mounting

Also consider the mounting, how will it look on the wall, does the TV need to tilt? If an in wall unit is possible how much depth do you have in the wall? Some of the units require over 5 inches which will require modifications to the other side of a 24 wall.

Picture Frame

Motorized Frames


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