Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art – Bringing Pizazz to Your Space

When you are looking to add pizzazz to your space, a great idea is to use gallery wrapped canvas art. With this type of art, you will not need a frame and sometimes instead of getting one single piece of art, the idea being conveyed will be painted on two, three, four or even six different canvases that are hung together on the wall to create one large art piece. This is a great way to bring drama to a room through color, line and concepts. You can have anything from abstract art to landscape art displayed on a piece of canvas that is gallery wrapped.

When you think of gallery wrapped, you may be wondering exactly what that means. This is when the actual color of the painting on the canvas is stretched around the edges of the framing wood. It is a wonderful option when you want a piece of art, but do not want to pay the high cost of a frame. Also, many times, gallery wrapped canvas art will be quite a bit larger or smaller than a regular piece of art. This is because without the need for a frame, the artist can have full control of the size of the art.

Many people are often confused as to how to pick out a piece of gallery wrapped canvas art for their space. First of all, you will need to look at the function of your space and decide what theme you are looking to portray. After you decide this, you will then need to focus on the feeling. You can buy a piece of art with dark and muted tones that will not come across so dark if you put it in a bright and cheery room. However, that painting may look out of place. The color of the paint and sunlight that are in the space should determine the color palette that the art piece is. Finally and most important, make sure that your new piece of artwork reflects you.

When you buy a gallery wrapped canvas art piece, keep in mind that you are buying it to last. This is not something that you buy one day and a month later change the whole d?�cor of the space. You are making an investment and in some cases buying an heirloom that your children and children’s children will want to keep in the family.

By Laura