How To Choose A Painting

We cannot image the modern world without art. It plays a continual, though often unnoticed role as decoration, and a more important one in the realization of our conceptions, creative ideas, and spiritual experiences. It’s a profitable business for some people, and others find it necessary to the peace of their soul. It means something different to everyone, and all of us have our preferences as to particular works.

Choosing a picture can be very difficult – large or small, dark or light, which genre, do you prefer figurative or abstract, do you value more a famous artist or an unknown amateur? So how do you make your choice? The most important thing is to listen to yourself, get to know yourself: your tastes, preferences, outlook on life. When you are selecting the picture it is not necessary to be guided by the preferences of others, which can be deceptive, for only you know what you need.

But there are important practical considerations, depending on where you want to put it and what you want it for. Thus, when choosing a picture, you need to evaluate it for colors, size, appearance and your inner emotional reaction to it as a work of art.

Let’s start with color. This needs to chime well with the location you are intending the artwork for, but also bear in mind that color and light patterns have a significant impact on mood, which will transmit to anyone looking at the work. For example, very dark colors sometimes oppress and suppress people; very bright and challenging colors sometimes irritate and can make someone nervous; while dull colors can induce feelings of sadness. Choose a picture in the colors which are pleasant to your eye, which you can enjoy for hours without feeling fatigue and irritation.

The size is also significant. “Big” does not automatically mean “good.” Bear in mind the size of the room, the place you want to put it, and the impression you want it to give.

And lastly, the most important thing. This should be your picture! You have to feel its soul. Pick the subject, fabrics and genre in accordance with your personal preferences. Are you a romantic at heart? Then consider a quiet pastoral composition, or perhaps classic portraits or a simple abstraction. Are you an active person who cannot imagine life without constant motion? Then perhaps you should choose a dynamic composition. If you are creative and modern, then maybe surreal and impressionistic works are for you.

Get to know yourself and you can never go wrong in choosing the correct picture. Just never stop, learn new aspects of your multifaceted personality and don’t be afraid to experiment!

By Laura