Adding houseplants to your environment can increase the life and energy of a space. Plants filter out toxins in the air to keep allergens at bay. You can start with one plant, but you may end up with an amazing indoor plant jungle when you begin to enjoy the beauty and benefits of indoor plant life. To keep your plants happy, here are some tips you can begin to implement.

Use Proper Lighting

Each plant that you have requires individual lighting needs. Make sure you know in which direction the sun is shining through your windows to help you understand where the best light is in your home. While your home interior takes advantage of savoy house lighting Tampa FL, let your plants soak up as much natural light as they can.

Plant in Good Soil

Excellent potting soil with plenty of nutrients can help your plants grow well. The right mix of ingredients also allows for the proper amount of aeration and moisture. Fertilizer is helpful in the summer months while growth is happening.

Water Appropriately

Overwatering is one of the top things that kills plants. A moisture meter can help you determine when to water each plant so you don’t go overboard. Some plants like to stay moist while others prefer to dry out in between watering. Look up care instructions so your plant continues to thrive.

Rotate Regularly

To keep your plants looking full on all sides, you want to turn the pots each week. This allows the sun to hit all areas of the leaves so that each can grow as full as possible.

Clean the Foliage

Dust can build up on leaves, which can cause pest problems and failure to thrive. Spray them off with water or dust them with a cloth to keep them clean.

Caring for houseplants can be an inspiring and fulfilling way to add life to your space.

By Laura