London Art – The Best Art Galleries and Art Museums in London

London Art – The Best Art Galleries and Art Museums in London

Britain has great history in the arts and London has always been the focal point of it. It is London’s key galleries that best show off its commitment to art, with most of the famous artists of the world featured in landmark exhibitions which feed its diverse, culturally open-minded population. London continues to offer free entry to most of its museums and galleries to encourage more into studying cultural topics.

London has so many galleries to pick from that we need to try to help you out with quick guides to the best. London Art is not an easy topic to cover briefly, but you will find the best exponents here in this article. Tate Modern is normally the best and most famous place to try first with extraordinary modern art enclosed in a unique building. Thames Bankside gallery is also great for modern artists such as Edward Hopper, Mark Rothko, Duchamp and Man Ray.

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London offers a huge collection of royal ceramics and treasures from around the world. Perhaps visit The Natural History museum afterward which is ideally located.

Trafalgar Square’s National Gallery has some of Britain and Europe’s best traditional artists from movements such as Romanticism, Renaissance & Baroque with artists such as Constable, Rembrandt, Renoir & Caravaggio. London art really has all the styles and art movements you could wish for, whatever your taste.

Famous Contemporary British artists like Emin, Hirst & Chapman are joined by exciting, innovate emerging artists at the Saatchi Gallery in London, and is the best place to visit in the English capital if you’re after the most modern style of art.

Tourists rarely get the chance to look beyond the larger established London galleries and museums where as locals can also find the time to visit some exciting smaller art spots around London. Try Piccadilly and Albemarle Streets for this. White Cube, The Portland Gallery and Marlborough Fine Art are some of the best private galleries. Get yourself an Oyster card and a London A-Z, and pop around London to experience some brilliant centers for art!