Mini Guide to Shopping in Guilin Zhengyang Walking Street

Mini Guide to Shopping in Guilin Zhengyang Walking Street

Not only is Guilin famous for its fascinating natural landscapes, but it wins hands down when it comes to its competitive consumerism in China, where you can find all you’ve desired from local souvenirs and specialties to ethnic handcrafts and then to period pieces, and here’s a mini guide to shopping in Guilin Zhengyang Walking Street for your reference.

As the most famous walking street in Guilin, Zhengyang Walking Street is lined with stores, cafes, opening air canteens, bars, heaving with high quality clothes, delicious comestibles and local specialties.

Wangcheng Department Store is the biggest one of its kind on the street, known as a favorite for girls owing to its authentic jewelries and lady fashions, which also offers delicious food at its basement, and a great bonus is that you can taste before you buy.

Walking from east to west along the street, you’ll find a clock tower in the middle of the street, which serves as an ideal site for visitors to take photos.

On the left corner of the street is a narrow laneway with dozens of stalls offering unique local antiques, cheap jewelries, seals, carvings, batiks and Chinese brush drawings, where the porcelain sets, Buddha figurines and the four treasures of the study (i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, paper) are also available, and it is an ideal place if you’re in need of authentic Chinese gift-shopping inspiration.

Proceeding with your walking, you’ll find a number of western-style bars available on both sides of the street, highlighted by sexy girl night-performances, which are generally geared towards foreigners, so English is widely spoken by waitresses here. The western classic music from the bars goes through the windows into the street, some of which are rather nostalgic, offering a comfortable harbor for bachelors and the lonely, of course, the served snacks in the bars are rather tasty at a rational price.

Walking past the bar cluster, you’ll find a rather modern art gallery on the right side of the street, where a number of Chinese brush drawings are complemented with western-style modern ladies, highlighted by Guilin Mountain-Water scenery, and all the paintings are done by local artists. There’s one thing to mention, and visitors aren’t allowed to take photos in the art gallery, however, you can stay as long as you like here for appreciation. Opposite to the art gallery line two-row stalls offering local souvenirs, featured by Guilin local stone carvings and seal carvings.

At the end of the street lies a Japan-operated restaurant, where the girls wear Japanese traditional kimonos, setting off with Japanese-style furniture and decorations. Look ahead from the end of the street, and you will find the Sun and Moon Pagodas in “Two-River and the Four-Lake Water System “.