On Bible: My Rationale Explained

Letting Your Faith Grow Stronger

How do you grow your Faith? But there are actually simple way to be able to increase our reliance on God.

First you need to do is to read the Word of God. If not, you can also hear God’s Word. You can likened the hearing or reading God’s Word in planting in your garden. If ever you wanted to grow your plants in your garden, you need to plant the seeds first, or the flower. The Word of God is actually the seed that grows our Faith. Knowing the plan of Jesus in your life, what does God say about you, and knowing God’s promises, will not easily transplant right to your brain by the process of osmosis. You can be able to grow your faith by being familiar with the content from the Bible and meditating into it. This can help you grow your faith to God and increase your trust into the Lord by following God’s word.

You can Heed the Word as the next step to grow your faith. If we are to fail to give our full attention towards what we are reading in the Bible, we are going to be stagnant and we we fail to grow. It will took for us to have faith in order to become the child of God. Therefore, for us to grow into our faith to GOd, we can make use of that certain measure that God has given us in order to grow on it.

We can also test the Word that is in the Bible. There can be a big difference in testing our Lord by constesting Him or proving that His Word is true. The very process of testing the measures of our faith may involve some trials and hardships along the way. We can be able to grow our faith with all of the circumstances that we encountered in our life. The reasons why we have trails or we encountered challenges in life is for us to be tested with our faith and to keep hold on whatever He had promised us that we are not alone in this predicament for He is with us, testing our faith to remain in HIm as we grow in our faith. Growing our Faith needs trust and lifting it all to God that He is the great provider and the sustainer of life. Faith is something the God asked of us His children.

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