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Discover 6 Places Your Kids Will Beg You to Return To – It’s Chicago Kids Style!

Discover 6 Places Your Kids Will Beg You to Return To – It’s Chicago Kids Style!

Planning a vacation in Chicago with Kids might seem like a lot but it’s really not hard. Chicago Kids have lots of activities to keep them busy all year round especially in the summer. All you have to do is pick the ones you want your kids to participate in and then plan what days you want to see which attractions.

It’s easy Chicago is full of fun things for kids to do, these attractions are all over downtown. They are often centralized in various areas, when I take kids into downtown we choose what area we want to focus on for a day and then decide on attractions. For example if we want to see the museums then we head over to the museum district, and plan a day or two really to see the museums that are interesting to them. Or if your kids might not be into museums check out Chicago Navy Pier below.

You have so many to choose from:

1. Chicago Field Museum: Brings history to life for everyone, you can see anything from fascinating history and adventures around to the world to the Huge, T-Rex Sue that is the most complete T-Rex in the world. This one is a jaw dropper if you haven’t seen it

2. Shedd Aquarium, the mysteries that live under the water come to life, see Octopus, Sharks, beautiful schools of fish, dolphins, all around you. It feels like you’re in another world, simply amazing!!

3. Adler Planetarium, the space exploration and development brought to life. It’s so fascinating to see the vast space all around us. This museum holds a special place for many kids who love to see exactly where we are and how we fit into the universe. It makes you feel like you’re out in space exploring with the first astronauts!

4. Chicago Art Museum, known as the Chicago Institute of Art, this museum is so large that it’s breath taking with astounding art from any era you can imagine. This is definitely one of the world-renowned art museums in the world, certainly in the top Five. Prepare to be blown away with art from, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Uncover the development of various types of art and its history. There is an interactive area that kids love where they can develop their imagination

5. Museum of Science and Industry, there is so much here that help us understand where we’ve come from scientifically to the present and even future. There are trains, planes, Farm Equipment, uncovering our DNA, a German submarines; interacting with how the internet has developed, and the development of the space program just to name a few of the fantastic exhibits that mesmerize Chicago kids.

5. Or make your way north to Chicago’s Navy Pier, a win-win for the entire family. There’s food, lots of food, a Children’s museum stuffed with activities for kids, from nature, or safety understanding with an Ambulance they can climb in, to a place for them to play and climb a rope wall, a water room (always a favorite for the kids I took to this amazing museum). Navy pier also has an arcade, a futuristic Rock N Roll McDonalds; boat rides a Ferris wheel and more! This can easily be full day of activities and fun for Chicago kids.

6. Or take them to the beach, grab a lunch and make an afternoon of it you can relax a bit and they can play to their hearts content. I know when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go to the beach, it was one of the most amazing parts of a vacation for me.…

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Things to Do and Activities in Bath During April: A Brief Guide

Things to Do and Activities in Bath During April: A Brief Guide

The city of Bath is famous for its extensive Georgian architecture throughout the highly esteemed city and it’s unique and well-preserved Roman Baths.

The Baths were constructed by the occupying Roman Empire around 60-70 AD, as the Romans wanted to harness the hot geothermal springs which were discovered in the centre of the city.

Today the well-preserved Roman Bath’s are still standing and the site is shared also with Bath’s famous Georgian era Grand Pump Room, both are well worth a visit. The Grand Pump Room also houses a restaurant and bistro, offering wonderful lunches, daily afternoon teas or the more intimate and sometimes formal evening dinners for visitors. You can also plus enjoy the in-house pianist plays during lunchtime’s and in the evenings you can enjoy the music of the Pump Room’s classical musician’s.

For a more modern take on this historical spa location you can visit the city’s Thermae Bath Spa located in the city centre. Today you can enjoy the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters which were enjoyed by the Romans and previously the Celts more than 2000 years ago. Bath’s reputation as a spa city has grown, which sees it now being recognised as the number one spa destination in the United Kingdom.

Bath is a historical and cultural city, playing host to many annual festivals, exhibitions and concerts throughout the year, at a range of local venues and historical places and landmarks in and around the city. These events and festivals can range from classical to contemporary musical concerts, literary festivals, art exhibitions and festivals, comedy and theatrical events, traditional local themed events and sports events. No matter what you preference, there will be something for everyone in Bath throughout the annual calendar of events.

If you are looking to explore and learn more about Bath’s historical past, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing one of the city’s museums to visit. Notable museums worth short listing are the Building of Bath Collection, Victoria Art Gallery, Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Beckford’s Tower & Museum, the Holburne Museum, Number One Royal Crescent and the Jane Austen Centre.

Bath was home to the famous English novelist Jane Austen, she lived in the city from the age of 25 when her father retired from the ministry and decided to move the westwards to the fashionable spa city. It is said she drew on inspiration for some of her novels and characters, when she lived in Bath. Today many visitors come to Bath to see the city for themselves.…

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Contemporary Views On The Art Of Past Centuries

Contemporary Views On The Art Of Past Centuries

We are used to the fact that extremely popular songs sooner or later become old-fashioned. Then people begin to make remixes, updating the original and giving it a new flavor to suit the new time – the same song but seen through a new perception. A similar trend can be seen in the art world, where contemporary artists produce their own take on the great masterpieces of past centuries. They create a new version that remains based on the original, yet reflects more closely the concerns of the modern world.

By creating modern artworks which are based on earlier works, contemporary artists can trade on the fame of the originals, and at the same time challenge the inviolability of these masterpieces. In the process, of course, they turn public attention to their own art. Some works of art have more of this kind of attention than others – for example, the Mona Lisa has so many that there is no definite count – and in general this sort of secondary fame is good for the public image of the original, which reaffirms its place in the public consciousness through its use in contemporary versions.

For example, Norman Rockwell’s image of “Rosie the Riveter,” a cultural icon that initially encouraged and later epitomized the work of women in industry during World War II, in fact pays homage to Michelangelo’s frescoed depiction of the prophet Isaiah from the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican. Rockwell’s “Isaiah” has been transformed into a strong woman ” Rosie ” eating her sandwich with a rivet gun on her lap and a copy of Hitler’s manifesto, Mein Kampf, underneath her boot.

“Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies,” a piece by the founder of French Impressionism, Claude Monet, was given a contemporary twist by controversial British graffiti artist and political activist Banksy. In his version, Banksy portrayed shopping trolleys and a traffic cone floating in his pond.

Adaptations of well-known classical artworks can also be used to advertize a particular message. In Germany, the Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders support organization reminded the public how beauty ideals have been changed (or perhaps distorted) nowadays. Three paintings by German artist Remus Grecu – “Nude lying on a sofa”, “The bather of Valpinon” and “Olympia” – were placed in the Stdel Museum in Frankfurt, accompanied by contemporary versions of paintings by Boucher. The campaign won a Bronze Media Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009.

Creating a contemporary version of the art of past centuries shows that we respect traditional art, but we do not consider it as something eternal, untouchable, and remote. Instead, it is something that remains a living part of our lives and culture, and which can be used as part of a discussion going on today. This both animates the debate and gives new life to the old masterpieces, increasing awareness of them and making their continued relevance clear to a wider public than might have been reached by the original image itself.…

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The MoMA – An Apple Among New York Attractions

The MoMA – An Apple Among New York Attractions

Why do you think a lot of people wishes to go to New York? The city of New York is known for its high rising sky scrapers. It is one tourist destination that just about everyone dreams of visiting. It has a lot of wonderful and famous places to go to together with your family or friends that you will surely enjoy. The tourist destinations in New York are varied and diverse to give visitors and their families great satisfaction.

Among the famous and popular tourist destinations found in New York are the Empire State Building Observatory, American Museum of Natural History & Rose Center, Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters, Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises or Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. These great destinations have been carefully studied and chosen well to make your New York visit an unforgettable experience.

Though there are a lot of wonderful tourist destinations, there is always one place that stands out from the rest. It does not only provide great views but also offers exciting and unique experience to whoever visits it.

MoMA or commonly known as the Museum of Modern Art is one of the best New York attractions as claimed by almost all visitors and tourists. It is New York’s pride. Visitors and tourists are greatly amazed by the views it brings.

MoMA or Museum of Modern Art has a very unique feature inside it. It was studied and chosen well to be on of the best New York attractions. Inside MoMA you can see priceless collections like those of Claude Monet’s Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond and Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

MoMA, one of the many New York attractions, is located at the busy streets in midtown Manhattan, near the Broadway theater and around shopping malls and restaurants. It has a constant busy exhibition schedules.

This unique site among the New York attractions becomes more attractive by having great Design Stores in the Midtown and Soho. Furthermore, you can see bookstores inside the Museum, at the same time, you get to enjoy elegant restaurants and cafes with The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden for your view.

Spending a vacation in New York and visiting the Museum of Modern Art will make your experience worth remembering for the rest of your life. Whether you spend it with your family or friends, surely it will be one of your great escaped ever.…

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The Incredible Museum of American Arts – The Smithsonian

The Incredible Museum of American Arts – The Smithsonian

The art and history of America is synonymous with the Smithsonian American Museum of Art. The museum is a unique location of American art right from the ancient pieces to the contemporary ones with the specialized combination of beauty with history. The Smithsonian American Museum of Art is having a very special reputation of having the most widely traveled gallery for the benefit and the extra ordinary experience for the American people.

It was Mr. John Varden who was the founder of The Smithsonian American Museum of Art in 1829. He started the museum in a humble way in a single room of his home. Initially it was only a collection few pieces of artworks of Europe. This small collection of arts has moved to the present location in 1841.

This was the patent building of this famous art works. Mr. john Varden who took upon the responsibility as the curator of this museum started collecting the government owned historic items of artistic interest. The collection eventually included many historic items among many others like the American Declaration of Independence and the printing press of Benjamin Franklin.

The year 1906 was the turning point in the annuls of the history of the Smithsonian American Museum of Arts. In this year the museum had received the unique recognition as the National Gallery of Art.

This new naming made the Smithsonian American Museum of Art with a special recognition. This special recognition resulted into the arrival of many art works of priceless items which was indeed the basic foundation of the museum as on today.

This fabulous collection of the immeasurable value of the art works which are in the possession of the Smithsonian American Museum of Arts make it as one of the most vulnerable place for vandalism and theft. So this has made the museum as one of the highly secured place in the world.

In the mean time of history The Smithsonian has gone over different changes in its name. It was known as the American Museum of Art, then in 1980 it was made to be known as National Museum of American Art. Finally in 2000 once again it was brought to the original glory as Smithsonian American Art Museum.

A point of caution for the real art lovers,if you want to have the real appreciation of the fabulous art works of Smithsonian Art Museum you have to spare ample time before you think of visiting the museum. There are thousands of price less exhibits. A cursory glance of one day will leave you blank and only give you a hazy picture of the museum.

For a systematic appreciation of the whole art works you have to spare and plan your time. Each wing of the museum has to be carefully selected and have to make systematic studies. You have to also to understand their schedules before hand as the Smithsonian is heavily booked on different days for their traveling exhibitions.…

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Keep Your Houseplants Healthy With These Techniques

Adding houseplants to your environment can increase the life and energy of a space. Plants filter out toxins in the air to keep allergens at bay. You can start with one plant, but you may end up with an amazing indoor plant jungle when you begin to enjoy the beauty and benefits of indoor plant life. To keep your plants happy, here are some tips you can begin to implement.

Use Proper Lighting

Each plant that you have requires individual lighting needs. Make sure you know in which direction the sun is shining through your windows to help you understand where the best light is in your home. While your home interior takes advantage of savoy house lighting Tampa FL, let your plants soak up as much natural light as they can.

Plant in Good Soil

Excellent potting soil with plenty of nutrients can help your plants grow well. The right mix of ingredients also allows for the proper amount of aeration and moisture. Fertilizer is helpful in the summer months while growth is happening.

Water Appropriately

Overwatering is one of the top things that kills plants. A moisture meter can help you determine when to water each plant so you don’t go overboard. Some plants like to stay moist while others prefer to dry out in between watering. Look up care instructions so your plant continues to thrive.

Rotate Regularly

To keep your plants looking full on all sides, you want to turn the pots each week. This allows the sun to hit all areas of the leaves so that each can grow as full as possible.

Clean the Foliage

Dust can build up on leaves, which can cause pest problems and failure to thrive. Spray them off with water or dust them with a cloth to keep them clean.

Caring for houseplants can be an inspiring and fulfilling way to add life to your space.…

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Discovering Things in Bali

Discovering Things in Bali

The locals of Bali love flaunting their wonderful history and colorful heritage. That is why the number of museums in the island can somehow compete with the number of Bali hotels on the beach in the area. These structures do not just display great items under the sun but offer indefinite knowledge, as well, to people who just cannot get enough of it.

One interesting museum in Bali is the Shell Museum.

Known as the first and only of its kind in Indonesia, the Shell Museum in Bali, Indonesia serves as a primary tourist attraction in the area. Located along Sunset Street in Kuta, this elegant structure contributes to the understanding of shells and its beauty.

The Shell Museum opened on September 2009. Boasting a contemporary and sophisticated architectural design, it exhibits different types of shell which age millions of centuries already.

The building has three storeys. On the first floor, a very elegant collection of shells transformed into home decorating pieces are displayed. There are different kinds of house wares, lamps and accessories everywhere.

The second and third floors are where the exhibit of the shells may be found. Glass shelves housing the pieces are equipped with lights to emphasize the beauty of the exhibit. Among the displays, the most remarkable items are the Orthoceras, a squid-looking shell fossil which age is over 395 million years; the Crinoid, which is 440 million years old; and the shining Cypraea Moneta which was used for trade – like money – during the ancient times.

There are thousands of shells on display in the Shell Museum, and visitors will certainly love looking at it.

The museum is just nearby Bali Kuta hotels so dropping by and seeing the spectacular shell collections is easy for any tourist. But for people who prefer artworks than shells, there is one recommended destination to satisfy that craving: the National Art Gallery.

The National Art Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, or the Balai Seni Lukis Negara, is located along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, overlooking the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. It was established on 1958 and operations started with only 4 donated artworks on display.

But now, it features more than 2500 artworks which include ceramics from the early 1900’s; Chinese ink paintings from 1964; drawings and watercolour arts dating from the 1950s to the 1980s; and antique wall fixtures.

The National Art Gallery is divided into five sections: Creative Gallery, Workshop, Resource Center, Auditorium, and the Administrative Center. It is housed on a building constructed on 1932, which features a very unique architectural design. One striking feature of the fa?�ade is its roof which displays a combination of tinted glasses and metal.

Actually, not many appreciate art as not many understand the meaning sent out by the pieces of artworks created by artists. This is a problem which the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur aims to defy. Through the establishment of the museum, people are expected to learn how to love aesthetics and be aware of the preservation, development, exploration and experimentation of Malaysian Art.…

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The Getty Center: Tips for Visiting the Museum and Viewing Its Art

The Getty Center: Tips for Visiting the Museum and Viewing Its Art

The Getty Museum, located in Los Angeles, California holds one of the top collections of European paintings and art sculpture in the United States and is a top destination for fine art connaisseurs, locals, and tourists visiting Los Angeles. The Getty Museum has two locations, one at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, and the recently built Getty Center in the picturesque hills of Brentwood, a Los Angeles suburb.

The Getty Museum started from the personal artwork collection of oil capitalist, J. Paul Getty, in the 1950s. J. Paul Getty used his own manor in Pacific Palisades, California, known as the Getty Villa, as the primary location of the Getty Museum. This amazing residence was designed after an ancient Roman-style villa and kept J. Paul Getty’s initial artwork collection of Greek and Roman artworks, 18th century French furniture, and European paintings and sculpture. Getty believed that experiencing the visual arts should be shared by the public and established the J. Paul Getty Museum Trust in 1953. Since then, the Getty permanent art collection has grown through acquisitions of the Getty Museum Trust to be one of the most significant European artwork collections in the United States.

In 1997, a new museum location, The Getty Center, in Brentwood, California was opened. The Getty Center is on a property of 24 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, offering scenic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. The magnificent Getty Center consists of an impressive complex of buildings and a Central Garden, constructed in architect Richard Meier’s “Modernist style”. The Getty Center’s permanent art collection includes pre-20th century European paintings, manuscript, sculpture, and American and European photographs. The Center’s most significant works include Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises, Paul Gauguin’s Arii Matamoe, Pontormo’s Portrait of a Halberdier, Abrecht Durer’s Stag Beetle, and the Stammheim Missal.

– Hours: Tue-Sun: 10am-530pm; Fri: Closes at 9pm; Closed Mon.

– Admission to the Getty Center is free.

– The Getty Museum receives 1.2 million visitors annually and does get crowded on weekends. Recommend: Visiting during weekdays and arriving early to secure a parking spot and avoid crowds.

– Parking is $15 per car. It is free after 5pm.

– Free performances and films occur weekly, such as the popular “Saturdays Off the 405” music series. See Museum website for details. Some events require reservations.

– Audioguides are available at the Pick-Up Desk in the Museum Entrance Hall, and GettyGuide stations. Cost: $5.

– Free Museum tours (45min-1hr) and gallery talks (15-20min) are offered daily. Check Museum website for topics & scheduling.

– The Family Room offers a place for families to learn about art together. Make a mask, create a sculpture, hunt for art treasures, and more. Located in Museum Courtyard. Cost: Free.

– Gourmet picnic lunches are available for purchase on the Plaza Level near the Restaurant. Order online or call (310) 440-6213.

– Dining options include the self-service Cafe (Restaurant/Cafe building) which has indoor and outdoor dining areas and the Getty Restaurant (Restaurant/Cafe building) which offers full service in an elegant setting with views of the Santa Monica Mountains. Reservations are recommended for the Restaurant.…

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Top London Art Gallery Purchasing Tips

Top London Art Gallery Purchasing Tips

London is home to nearly four hundred art galleries, and each London art gallery has its own aesthetic array of sculptures, paintings, photographs and installations. For the avid art collector, visiting these galleries is a full time business, but for someone who just wants to buy a piece of art for the home the selection could be overwhelming. Whether you are looking to buy art as an investment or just for pleasure, this guide aims to make the process of purchasing works from a London art gallery as easy as possible.

Before you set off, make sure that you’ve measured the space and that you have set yourself a budget that you can stick to. It is all too easy to fall for a sculpture or painting that is both out of budget and too big for the space you have. Also consider how you plan to get the artwork into the space. It is all well and good having a wall the size of a cinema screen to fill, but it is essential to consider the access to the wall. Some people arrange for windows to be entirely removed to get artwork into a room.

It is essential to remember that all the works on display at a London art gallery will be professionally displayed by a curator. This means that each item will be lit and hung to enhance its appeal and will be part of an exhibition that gives it context. A painting or sculpture viewed in such a setting will look vastly different to the same piece of art in your own living room, kitchen or dining room. Some galleries allow potential customers to borrow paintings prior to purchase for a short time so it can be viewed in the context of the home.

If this is not possible, take full advantage of the gallery owner or the curator’s knowledge. Ask about lighting and hanging and discuss the right way to present the piece to best effect. If possible take in a photograph of the area where you want to hang or place the artwork, this will allow the curator to understand your style preferences and they may well be able to recommend pieces of art that you would not have ordinarily considered or piece that is not on display.

Ultimately, ensure you visit as many galleries as possible before making a purchase, and don’t feel pressured to buy if you can’t find your perfect piece the first time round. You will have to look at what you buy every day, so it is essential that is exactly what you want.…

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Top London School Trip Ideas

Top London School Trip Ideas

Great Britain has a fascinating, exciting history. It is a kingdom enriched with history and culture. They say countries which have only been around for two hundred or so years only have memories, not history, and if this is the case then Great Britain has history, true history to boot. It is the perfect place for a school trip to go to, even if travelling from abroad.

However, Great Britain is a large place. The obvious place to take a trip would be to the city of London. London has arguably the most history in all of Great Britain, being one of the oldest cities in the modern world.

Organizing a school trip to London is fairly easy. First you have to have your students’ traveling papers in order. This includes your passport and documents your students need if they are underage and if they are older then they too will require their own passports.

Once there, you will need a place to stay. There are many places to stay in Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square – two major junctions in the heart of London, but expect to pay a premium.

London offers many educational places to visit. There is the British Museum which houses all sorts of works of art from throughout mankind’s history from prehistoric days of man to the modern marvels of today. The Tate Modern is an art museum which is dedicated to works of modern contemporary art with the likes of Damien Hirst and Gaugin among the featured names. Over in Trafalgar Square is London’s National Gallery. This museum is filled with works of painted art from the 13th to the 19th centuries of Europe. With words from Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Constable and Renoir this museum is to going to educate even the most novice art enthusiast. Then there is Madame Tussauds, a museum of wax sculptures and statues so lifelike they can captivate the imagination. Here you can find everyone from history on display in an almost life-like state.

If museums are not your students’ thing then there are more modern attractions such as the EDF Energy London Eye. This is the world’s tallest and largest observation wheel with 32 observation sections. There is also the Tower of London which is one of the world’s most famous buildings. This is more than just a tower but also a museum of British arsenal, a jewel house and even a zoo. This is where one can come to see the famed crown jewels.

London is filled with everything to educate every class imaginable. These are far from the only sites to see in London but just some ideas of what awaits you and your class. Organizing a school trip to London is not only easy but also rewarding on every level.…