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Hemp Products and Their Uses.

Hemp may come off as a new word to many but it’s actually more accepted word for cannabis in the industry as the latter is associated with recreational drug use. Hemp is an herb and is used in the production of many products for the benefits that it has. Hemp producing countries in the world are in their numbers. Textile, food, fuel and plastics that make use of hemp. Hemp can also be used in the products that are in support of green lifestyle.

This is because hemp does not make use of herbicides or pesticides making it very friendly to green living. The unique benefits of the hemp plant do not stop there, its key in preventing the soil erosion and produces oxygen as well. In textile products hemp is not used alone, it’s a blend of cotton, silk and flax as well. The blend of the same material are also applied in making of furnishings. There are two inner fibers that are woodier and can be used in non-woven products. Hemp grows at a faster rate than cotton and provides 250% more fiber . The seeds of hemp plant contain oil that can be extracted and applied in the production of paints that are oil based. With good refining as well the oil extracted can be used in cooking as well. The oil can also be traced in creams and plastics as well.

With sufficient and strong fiber you have the ropes and sacks as well. Hemp is sued in the strengthening of concrete through the product hempcrete and this way the structures are strong. Hemp is used in the production of a bio composite used in making of internal parts of automobiles. Hemp has amazing nutritional content that makes it to be used in food items, to be specific the plant has fatty acids and amino acids. The seeds of hemp plant can be used to make hemp milk but it could be consumed directly as a salad as well. Hemp can be used in baking and consumed with cereals and other products in that line. Hemp seed oil is edible oil and can be used as supplement.

The oil has a longer life span and it can be frozen and the amazing thing is unlike many products, it does not need any additives to keep it from going bad. Many people suffer from the deficiency of iron in the blood and one way to get around that is through the use of hempseed as its rich in iron and other minerals making it very ideal. Anti-inflammatory qualities in hemp has qualified it to be explored as a medication for those with inflammatory diseases. The hemp plant is also used in water purifying as it is eco-friendly. Accelerated growth is a genius way of killing weeds without chemical substances.

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