Riverdale Art Center Brings Contemporary Art to the Community

Last November, The Riverdale Art Center (RAC) opened its Victorian doors on Richard’s Corner in Riverdale. Ages ago, The Richards family owned the estate which has since been sold to Bograd’s Fine Furniture next door. The Bograd’s were incredibly kind to donate the use of the rather roomy Victorian house and allow it to become an art center for the community.

For nearly a year now, the RAC has offered residents of the Northern New Jersey area a space to show their beautiful artwork, interact with like-minded individuals, and share in art appreciation. Even Mayor William Budesheim has exhibited, and sold, his photography there. In addition, a separate segment of the RAC has been formed. The Riverdale Artists’ Cooperative Gallery was organized this summer and currently consists of 22 contemporary artists including sculptors, painters, printmakers, and photographers.

Patricia Watson, president of the Board of Directors and ceramic sculptor, is the woman responsible for the dream of bringing fine art to this community from the very beginning. Her diligent efforts have provided area residents with so many fantastic opportunities to bring the beauty and mindfulness of art deeper into their lives. She believes “that the hands-on practice of art encourages a strong sense of well being, and that sharing art can build community”.

The RAC offers art classes for children, teens, and seniors as well as special events such as guest artist lectures. Monthly opening receptions are held for each new exhibition bringing together art lovers from near and far to share eye-opening dialogue about art and create a strong sense of community, as Ms. Watson dreamed. Special community events are also organized, such as the upcoming Art of Food Festival at the Glenburn Estate which will include food made by local chefs, live music, wine tasting, and of course, a lot of art. For more information about how to get involved with this community oriented institution, please visit .

By Laura