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Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Did you know that an average employee spends no less than one third of their day inside an office? No matter if they’re filing reports, encoding data or talking to customers on the phone, their environment should be kept safe and comfortable.

Working while hunched over a desk day after day may seem innocent now, but not when 15 years has passed. If your employees are complaining of aches and pains as they go through their everyday routine, it could be time to set up ergonomic workstations to help them manage their pain and make them feel more comfortable.

Business owners and managers are always looking for ways to boost employee morale and raise productivity while reducing health issues and absenteeism. Through ergonomic workstations and office furniture, such goals may be attained in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Improved Health

Apparently, the most important advantage offered by ergonomic workstations is health improvement among employees. In time, the ergonomic features of well-designed office furniture will help workers feel better and avoid spine and joint injuries. Ergonomic chairs, computer monitors, desks and keyboard trays, work-induced aches and pains can all be helpful in keeping work-induced aches and pains away.

Higher Productivity

Enhanced productivity and efficiency are two welcome side effects of using ergonomic furniture in the office. With ergonomic workstations, employees can better organize and manage their day-to-day workload. Moreover, they will spend more time doing their work and less time getting massaged for aching backs!

Office Aesthetics

Whatever they say, appearances count, especially when it comes to business. By upgrading your old-fashioned office furniture to more modern, ergonomic pieces, you show that your business is dynamic and progressive. Additionally, ergonomic workstations will make your office more irresistible to prospective hires. After all, who would be happy to work on an old computer in a clunky, back-cracking chair? With a few well-chosen ergonomic furniture pieces, you can improve the appeal of your office and spark enthusiasm among new hires.

Cost Savings

At first glance, you might think that an ergonomic initiative would be too costly. After all, you will be billed for many new things – furnishings, accessories, equipment, etc. But the Occupational Safety & Health Administration says an employer can pay indirect costs amounting to as much as $31,511 for a single case of carpal tunnel syndrome at work. Thus, with a profit margin of 10%, you will need to sell more than $300,000 of additional sales before you can pay this amount.

Raising Employee Morale

For your employees, ergonomic improvements are a sign that you’re concerned about their comfort and safety. You may observe that there has been a reduction in missed days and turnover, possibly indicating high staff morale. Involving employees in ergonomics assessments further strengthens your efforts towards staff empowerment.

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