Success Secret For Artists and Writers – How to Take Control of Your Career

Do you believe that you alone are responsible for your success?

If you believe this, than you can be sure that you will have a great future to look forward to, because you share one of the top traits of highly successful people: taking responsibility for their lives.

Once you decide to take 100% responsibility for your success, then you will have the control and flexibility to create the life you want.

Having complete control over your own life is powerful stuff. Taking full responsibility for your success means that you accept all responsibility for everything that happens, good or bad, and you never blame others. When you practice this line of thinking, you give yourself more options and flexibility to create what you want to happen.

Here’s an example of someone NOT taking responsibility for their life: An art gallery turns you down for an exhibit. If you didn’t take responsibility, your response might be to blame the gallery, accusing them of unfair treatment, complaining about how unfair the system is, and that it’s impossible for an artist to get ahead.

With this attitude, you shut out any other option to find a solution, because it’s someone else’s fault, and we know that we can’t change others.

Often I’ll meet an artist who is angry at the world. They were rejected one too many times and they have never gotten over it. Now they blame everyone but themselves for their lack of success, when they really should be looking in their mirror at themselves.

Usually, when you fail, it’s because you made poor choices, or didn’t learn how things worked. Maybe you didn’t try hard enough or you didn’t find a way to go through the back door when the front door was closed, or you relied on someone else to make things happen for you.

The reality is that no one is going to care about your career as much as you do. On the other hand, when you succeed, you can pat yourself on the back for winning the battle, for having tenacity, for not giving up.

An example of someone taking 100% responsibility in the same scenario above: Instead of getting mad, blaming the gallery system for not getting your art out there, you ask yourself “what can I change in my presentation, or portfolio, or sales skills to get me into the next gallery that I approach?” In asking “what can I do different next time” you give yourself the ability to make things happen for yourself.

You allow more options and greater flexibility. You have absolute control over the situation.

Once you realize that you are completely responsibility for all that happens to you, your life will change in a very exciting way – you will find that you can create and control just about every aspect of your life!

By Laura