The Cultural Center and the Art Museum – A Fine Collection of Art

It is true that holidays are for fun but you can also get a chance to explore huge amount of knowledge about the marvelous facts and secrets hidden in this world. So if you have an interest to spend your holiday in Hong Kong then you should try to spend at least a day to get a glimpse of the history and culture of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Cultural center and the art museum is definitely one of the decent and modern buildings. These buildings are situated in the chief and key sites of Hong Kong. The building has a contentious design with almost no windows. This place is definitely gaining the benefit of getting some inspiring views about itself.

This huge building has sand colored landmarks. This building has proved itself entirely different from others. With its roof that is of the type of waves, it has become quite popular. The culture center and the art museum are close to the Star Ferry Terminus which is in Kowloon.

While talking about the interiors, it has fabulous designs. All of them are mind blowing. There is no window so there is no possibility of the natural light coming in the interior of the building but still you will be pleased to find that the building is quite airy and spacious. This place is considered as a great venue. This center has an awesome arts library and contains the Art Museum. This building has a fine collection of antiques, scrolls, Chinese art and calligraphy. With all these fine and discrete collection this place has become the sizzling favorite of the guests and the cause of inquisitiveness for the lovers of art.

Timings To Visit The Center

Visiting hours are as follows:

Monday to Saturday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening and on Sundays it’s from 1 pm to 4 pm.

This place is closed on Thursday. And the timings for the holiday are same as those of Sundays.


The cost to visit this spectacular place is:

For Adults – HK$10 and HK$5 for concessions.

The cost is quite reasonable and does not snag your pocket. It means that you can have a enormous deal of pleasure and facts in this place. The holidays must have the great memories and you will surely find some of the ever lasting and unforgettable one in this Cultural center and art museum.

By Laura