The Incredible Museum of American Arts – The Smithsonian

The art and history of America is synonymous with the Smithsonian American Museum of Art. The museum is a unique location of American art right from the ancient pieces to the contemporary ones with the specialized combination of beauty with history. The Smithsonian American Museum of Art is having a very special reputation of having the most widely traveled gallery for the benefit and the extra ordinary experience for the American people.

It was Mr. John Varden who was the founder of The Smithsonian American Museum of Art in 1829. He started the museum in a humble way in a single room of his home. Initially it was only a collection few pieces of artworks of Europe. This small collection of arts has moved to the present location in 1841.

This was the patent building of this famous art works. Mr. john Varden who took upon the responsibility as the curator of this museum started collecting the government owned historic items of artistic interest. The collection eventually included many historic items among many others like the American Declaration of Independence and the printing press of Benjamin Franklin.

The year 1906 was the turning point in the annuls of the history of the Smithsonian American Museum of Arts. In this year the museum had received the unique recognition as the National Gallery of Art.

This new naming made the Smithsonian American Museum of Art with a special recognition. This special recognition resulted into the arrival of many art works of priceless items which was indeed the basic foundation of the museum as on today.

This fabulous collection of the immeasurable value of the art works which are in the possession of the Smithsonian American Museum of Arts make it as one of the most vulnerable place for vandalism and theft. So this has made the museum as one of the highly secured place in the world.

In the mean time of history The Smithsonian has gone over different changes in its name. It was known as the American Museum of Art, then in 1980 it was made to be known as National Museum of American Art. Finally in 2000 once again it was brought to the original glory as Smithsonian American Art Museum.

A point of caution for the real art lovers,if you want to have the real appreciation of the fabulous art works of Smithsonian Art Museum you have to spare ample time before you think of visiting the museum. There are thousands of price less exhibits. A cursory glance of one day will leave you blank and only give you a hazy picture of the museum.

For a systematic appreciation of the whole art works you have to spare and plan your time. Each wing of the museum has to be carefully selected and have to make systematic studies. You have to also to understand their schedules before hand as the Smithsonian is heavily booked on different days for their traveling exhibitions.

By Laura