The Palm Springs Art Museum: A Great Place To Visit!

The Palm Springs Art Museum: A Great Place To Visit!

The Palm Springs Art Museum has a collection and events that are on par with any museum you’ll find anywhere in the nation. From Native American artwork to some of the most modern and edgy pieces you’ll see in any museum, this venue delivers. The Palm Springs Art Museum has been in business since 1938 and has been a consistent draw for the Palm Springs, CA community. You’ll find all the mediums represented here, from sculpture to painting and from architecture to crafts.

Some Of What’s Available

The Palm Springs Art Museum has collections of modern sculpture that will thrill those who love this medium. Natural subjects and abstraction are explored in equal measure by the artists whose works are available here. You’ll also find contemporary painting and drawing, which gives you some insight into what’s going on in the art world today.

If you like more historical pieces, you’ll be able to explore the collection of American Western Art and even art that dates back hundreds of years. Native American and Mesoamerican art is all on display here. There are also Latin and Mexican works that give you a connection to the history of California.

Architecture buffs will find plenty to love about this museum. The Palm Springs Art Museum has great modern American architecture on display. There is also an excellent collection of photography to peruse. Whether you’re looking for rare portraits of famous people or for breathtaking landscapes, you’ll find that there is plenty to explore among the museum’s collection.

If you have an eye for classic forms of art, be sure to visit the American 19th Century Landscape Painting collection at the Palm Springs Art Museum. This collection will not only allow you to see some excellent examples of different landscape painting styles; it will also allow you to see how the land looked over 100 years ago and the difference being quite amazing.

Options For Visiting

The Palm Springs Art Museum is also the home of the Annenberg Theater which offers a variety of performances including, ballet, opera and classical music. The Annenberg Theater offers a true combination of the visual and performing arts.

The Annenberg Theater is a very modern theater with 433 seats, so expect great acoustics, good lighting and comfortable seating, all of which conspire to make the shows here particularly enjoyable.

Other Events

There are events held all the time at the Palm Springs Art Museum, so don’t be surprised if you find something interesting going on most weekends. Make sure you get tickets ahead of time for performances at the Annenberg, and make sure you give yourself enough time to take in at least a couple of exhibits when you go to see the various collections. The Palm Springs Art Museum has a lot to love, there’s a lot of variety among its offerings and most people should find something interesting enough to make the trip well worth it.