Thoughts About Art From an Artist and Painter

What is art? It is one of those topics that maybe we all will never come totally in agreement with. There are always pieces of art that defy the imagination and capture your heart, and sometimes there is art where we stand back and look and wonder what it is all about.

Art is individual, as individual as each one of us. But the reality is whatever an artist produces is art but it just comes down to whether the masses accept it or reject it.

Art to me is very personal, and each piece is unique not only in its look but in the feel it represents on the canvas.

When I paint I try to capture the feeling of the moment. I paint with my hands and hardly ever use a brush as I feel the need to work as quickly as I can to produce the feelings that I want to express. So I work with speed capturing the moment at that time.

With the combination of feelings and fantasy I cover the canvas. I try not to make or follow any rules or allow restrictions as anything is allowed on the canvas.

The first layer is the beginning of the creation and as I add textures and shapes the pictures develop a life of their own.

Art to me is capturing the mood, the feelings of the moment, and transferring it onto the canvas. By working this way the pictures have their own individuality and expression, and everyone begins to see something different in each picture. The more you look into the canvas the more you can begin to see come out to you. That to me is art, so that the person looking onto the painting can use their own imagination when they see the painting, just like the artist did on its creation.

By Laura