Top London Art Gallery Purchasing Tips

Top London Art Gallery Purchasing Tips

London is home to nearly four hundred art galleries, and each London art gallery has its own aesthetic array of sculptures, paintings, photographs and installations. For the avid art collector, visiting these galleries is a full time business, but for someone who just wants to buy a piece of art for the home the selection could be overwhelming. Whether you are looking to buy art as an investment or just for pleasure, this guide aims to make the process of purchasing works from a London art gallery as easy as possible.

Before you set off, make sure that you’ve measured the space and that you have set yourself a budget that you can stick to. It is all too easy to fall for a sculpture or painting that is both out of budget and too big for the space you have. Also consider how you plan to get the artwork into the space. It is all well and good having a wall the size of a cinema screen to fill, but it is essential to consider the access to the wall. Some people arrange for windows to be entirely removed to get artwork into a room.

It is essential to remember that all the works on display at a London art gallery will be professionally displayed by a curator. This means that each item will be lit and hung to enhance its appeal and will be part of an exhibition that gives it context. A painting or sculpture viewed in such a setting will look vastly different to the same piece of art in your own living room, kitchen or dining room. Some galleries allow potential customers to borrow paintings prior to purchase for a short time so it can be viewed in the context of the home.

If this is not possible, take full advantage of the gallery owner or the curator’s knowledge. Ask about lighting and hanging and discuss the right way to present the piece to best effect. If possible take in a photograph of the area where you want to hang or place the artwork, this will allow the curator to understand your style preferences and they may well be able to recommend pieces of art that you would not have ordinarily considered or piece that is not on display.

Ultimately, ensure you visit as many galleries as possible before making a purchase, and don’t feel pressured to buy if you can’t find your perfect piece the first time round. You will have to look at what you buy every day, so it is essential that is exactly what you want.