Top Places to Visit While in Denver, CO

Colorado is the U.S. state that is located near the Rocky Mountains, capital city is Denver, the size of the land is approx 103730 sq. mi., this state’s agriculture is famous for it’s production of wheat, cattle, dairy products, corn and hay. The highest point is Mt. Elbert, which goes up to 14,443 feet. Another interesting fact – the world’s most largest flat-top mountain is in Grand Mesa, the state of Colorado means “colored red” and it is known for the “Centennial State”. Now we are going to look at the most visited places in the city of Denver. Pack your bags & get ready for an exciting journey!

We start our trip at Red Rocks (8300 West Alameda Parkway) – approx 868-acre park, which can be located on the map about 15 miles outside of Denver. It’s a place where there have been so many best concerts and live shows & all the visitors like to talk about the Red Rocks all over the World. Wildlife & amazing plants can be found around the park, as well as an amazing array of different rocks, it features shops and great restaurants to eat – for example “Ship Rock Grille” is a place to have a pre-show dinner. It has a superb view from the deck, which is located on top of the mountain boulders. It’s menu has a variety of foods to choose from – you start with an “Opening Act” – Monolith nachos for $8.50, Summit soy skewers (grilled steak & Asian slaw) for $8.50, soup of the day is a bargain – just $4.50. For your main meal you can have a “V.I.P Chicken” ($11.50) – a specially cooked chicken served with spinach, smashed potatoes, garlic-parsley or try the “Rockin’ Ahi” a specially marinated tuna steak with an Asian Teriyaki sauce, served with the best sweet pineapples & white rice ($13.50 ). Finally, don’t forget the “Devil’s Chocolate Cake ($6.50) – this is going to be your most memorable dinner time you have ever had!

Next stop – Denver Art Museum (100 West 14th Avenue Parkway). You can explore a great collection of Indian art, this museum has over 70,000 works from around the World. They have lectures which you can attend, general admission for adults is $13, seniors – $10, children under the age of 5 – free.

U.S. Mint – if you’re a coin collector, it’s a must visit place. Address: 320 West Colfax. It’s a World’s largest producer of coins. Started back in 1906, visitors can join a guided tour to learn about the history of minting process, learn the techniques used and buy some coins as well. The tour is free.

A few other places to visit in Denver: Paramount Theater (1631 Glenarm Place ), Elitch Gardens Park (2000 Elitch Circle), Denver Zoo (2300 Steele Street), Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Denver is a place for visitors to have an unforgettable vacation time, the Rocky mountains offers an amazing relaxation & fun time as well. It’s going to be an extraordinary vacation for you & your family.

By Laura