What Do Injection Molding Companies Do?

What Do Injection Molding Companies Do? Understanding the process from design to production, prototyping to tool design, and everything in between is essential. Here are some tips to help you find the right molder for your project. Injection molding is a highly specialized industry, so there are many things that an injection molding company can do.

Custom Design

Injection molding companies that offer custom designs are often more efficient and effective. The latest technology helps molders develop complex structures faster. They are also more flexible, providing more customization and options when creating a product. The difference between custom molds and standard ones lies in the customization required. Several factors are considered, including the plastic part’s complexity and the customer’s requirements. 

To produce a customized product, plastic injection molding companies should know exactly what materials to create the mold. Various approaches may be taken, including single cavity pull-ahead and soft tooling. The design team will also need to know the desired end use for the custom part. Finally, you must select materials according to the operation’s application and requirements. While ceramic and plastic are both commonly used, they have advantages and disadvantages.

Tool Design

Whether a part will be made of plastic or metal, the tool used to manufacture it will have several different components. You can make a device with many additional features, which will influence the final part’s properties. For example, the number of cavities in a mold can vary significantly depending on the part’s dimensions. In addition, the gate used to control the amount of resin entering and exiting the mold is of prime importance.

When choosing a suitable mold, the larger company should first analyze the team’s expertise at the contract manufacturer. Then, they should narrow down the list of possible molders. The shortlist should have three to four molders and tool makers. Smaller companies can select viable molders early on and establish a good-faith business relationship. This relationship should be honest and open, and alliances may form as the designers and molders share their expertise.

Custom Production

Custom production by an ITAR-registered injection molding company can help you reduce costs and maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your products. The advantages of working with a custom manufacturing partner are numerous: they can take advantage of cutting-edge machinery and offer you a more excellent range of materials. They can also help you create more complicated designs and products. To find a good custom molding company, look for one with a high-quality control level. If your product requires complex plastic molds, you can use a specialized company to provide these services.

For instance, custom injection molding can produce military equipment. Military equipment must be highly reliable and uniform, requiring high-quality plastic parts. Injection molding can create such items as helmets, canteens, flashlights, and backpack fasteners. Injection molding can also create sterile housings and pill containers for the medical industry. Medical injection molding uses FDA-approved medical-grade resin. You can apply the process to a variety of different materials, including polymers that are lightweight and nonpermeable.

Free CAD Drawings

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of 3D CAD drawings for your next project, you’ve come to the right place. You can find free CAD drawings for injection molding companies from various sources. You can also request specific CAD drawings from the company and upload your own to their database.

Another great thing about this manufacturing method is its cost per unit. Once the initial costs have been paid, the price per part typically drops. After these initial costs are covered, the profit margin can be vast. This makes injection molding an attractive financial decision, mainly when a significant demand is present. Another benefit of this method is its accuracy. Most plastic waste is removed from the molded component but can also be sourced from runners, sprue, and gate locations.

Rapid Prototyping

You can take advantage of a rapid prototyping service if you need a product prototype before the final mold is created. These companies offer services that reduce the time, expense, and risk of manufacturing a defective product. They also provide a variety of post-production options. However, after a prototype is complete, it is essential to ensure it meets the final design requirements. 

Whether you are looking for rapid prototyping or low-volume production, you can find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Rapid tooling uses 3D printing technology to build molds faster than traditional methods. This method is ideal for prototyping and low-volume production. Rapid tooling produces a plastic insert that contains a core, cavity, and side actions. Thousands of cycles can be produced from one prototype, making it ideal for small-scale production.


For major manufacturing jobs, high-volume injection molding is the way to go. These high-volume companies specialize in large-scale production, such as products for stores or parts used in other products. Contract manufacturing companies often take on high-volume production jobs to maximize consistency and quality control. You should use a high-volume injection molding company for a few reasons. 

A high-volume injection molding company specializes in producing large, precision plastic parts with thousands, even millions, of pieces. Its tooling is made of aluminum or hardened steel. These companies can create tens of thousands of pieces per day. They also offer a variety of plastic parts for a wide range of industries. They also use advanced technologies to ensure accuracy. High-volume plastic injection molding is a cost-effective solution for manufacturing large-scale plastic parts.