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Highlights on How to Have a Good Book Format

No one wants to invest in writing books that stay on the shelves for long durations. Even ventures order books whose market preference is high. The things that may appear small and less important when formatting a book can be of great significance. When one grasps a book, they get a certain impression. The impression helps one to know whether or not to read a book. An important note for an author is their potential audience. Having knowledge of the composition of your audience helps to write a book that most of your prospects will prefer. The format of a book has a major role in attracting readers and ensuring they read a book. Here are tips on how to format a book.

Keep margins roomy. First-timers in publishing for the first time normally experience problems with page spacing issues. While it is tempting to fix many words on a page in order to save cash, do not do it. Tight margins make a page appear illegible and can intimidate. This deteriorates when some words become lost in space between lines or inner edge. Maintaining roomy margins for the whole books cause the book to appear more inviting since there is room on which where readers can make notes.

You should choose fonts that are readable. Fonts should not cause one’s eyes to strain when reading. Among the well-known fonts are Garamond, Janson, Minion, and Caslon since they are made particularly for use in books. You will achieve great using these fonts since they focus on the line of type as well as grouping letters to easily recognize words. If you want something different, choose fonts that can be easily read.

You should ensure ample type size and leading. After choosing your font, look at your type size on the page. Avoid the extreme ends of too big or too small. Letter shapes that are somehow different give some fonts a look of being bigger or smaller in comparison to others but you should aim for between 10 and 15 words per line. The space between one line’s bottom and the bottom of the following line should allow easy reading.

You should align your text. This implies arranging a text so that it is well aligned on the left as well as the right side. Most of us are used to making writings with a single margin which do not make a document appear professional because the right margin looks ragged with all lines having varying lengths.

You should indent introductory lines of paragraphs. The beginnings of the next paragraph should be easily noted on the page, failure to which your book appears like a big run-on group of words. Try indenting all paragraph beginnings by quarter an inch.

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