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What is the American Silver Eagle Money

Money is the current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. In our day to day lives money has been used to allow for exchange in terms of getting the good or service one wants. Money is not only the medium of exchange but also the unit of account the representation of real of goods, services, expenses, liabilities among others. The next function is that money is a store of value which functions to save, retrieve and exchange assets. Money has been used or established due to those important four function. To result to order among countries and be a standard measure resulted to the use of money.

There are various types of money which include paper, commercial bank, digital money, coinage, representative and commodity. Each of these types of money have its own unique set of characteristics. Like in the case of coinage, coins have been used for a while now and it was previously made of silver, gold and now currently and widely copper.

Even coins face the brunt of counterfeit goods which has been a problem to many countries to eradicate. Representative money being the other type is just a representation of what can be exchanged with that of the same value. Paper money and physical tokens are some of the forms representative money takes.
Various commodities have been used as mediums of exchange reason being some products are scarce and precious that are of high value. Due to the wide use of technology in many countries, the use of digital money has evolved too.

All countries through the different founded companies have been using their website are able to communicate with their clients. Through effective communication closing of deals and sales are preceded resulting to a satisfied customer and business. Information about the products and services offered by the company is contained on these websites, including the addresses which has the name, location and telephone number. It is also through these websites that clients can comment about the quality of services offered and the products purchased and used too. Before making any final decisions about any company, clients have to go through these comments.

This coin has made its official mark in the United States of America. Other countries that are still developing are influenced by the value of their dollar. The value of the currency for developed economies influences trading between the most developed and the less developed. The shape and design of the American silver eagle has changed over the recent years. With the impact that the developed economies pose on to developing economies, solid maintenance of these relations are sustained. Developing economies are aided through foreign aid as an impact of developed economies.

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