Wireless Home Theater

Wireless Home Theater

Finally, wireless home theater can be a reality. Major electronic manufacturers are releasing exciting offerings from wireless home theater systems and speakers to wireless TVs that you can move around the house with you. Imagine being able to catch the next big game while sitting by the pool or watching the kids in the back yard. We think the wireless TV is the neatest new technology. The ability to send video from the cable box to a TV located in a separate room in the house is really handy.

There are many different interpretations around what a wireless home theater system is. Does wireless mean wireless audio, wireless video, or both? Also how wireless is wireless, are power cords acceptable? Luckily no matter what your interpretation today’s technology has finally delivered solutions that can meet your needs. We cover several different options for “wireless” home theater; one of these should address your needs.

Wireless Home Theater System

Since the majority of our readers are looking for wireless audio solutions we will start there. The most popular option is a Home Theater in a Box system (HTiBs), these systems usually include a DVD/CD player and at least a 5.1 audio system. The common need is to remove the cords running to the rear speakers so one can add surround sound without tripping on wires. There are several systems on the market that can do this, at this time Panasonic is the system we recommend.

Actually Panasonic has taken an interesting approach to solving the wireless problem. They have produced an optional rear speaker transmitter and receiver module, which can be added at any time to any of their systems that support it. Therefore they have three systems that we can recommend. Pick any of these systems:


Add the SH-FX50 Wireless Receiver Module and you have eliminated the wires running across your room.

Note-While the system does transmit the signal wirelessly; wires are required to connect the rear speakers to the receiving module. This solution will eliminate the wires strung across your living room for the rear speakers, however there are still plenty of wires involved.

What are the other systems you ask?

Sony Platinum DVD Dream System – DAV-LF1H
Philips LX3750W

We have not forgotten the wireless video, this is a very exciting area of development, check out our wireless video section here.

Wireless Home Theater Speaker System

Assuming you are not looking for a Wireless Home Theater in a Box system (HTiBs), and just looking for a wireless home theater speaker system only. We start with the basic solutions then move to the more advanced.

Single Speaker Options

If all you are looking for is a wireless speaker that you can add to your existing TV audio to enhance the sound then the Pioneer XW-HT1 Digital Wireless Speaker System is probably the answer. This of course is not true surround sound but it sure is a lot easier than mounting five new speakers. Warning: This speaker does require a power cord. It eliminates the wires back to the audio source due to the power requirement is not completely wireless.

Another option is the Sony 900 MHz RF Wireless Speaker System Receiver and Transmitter. This has a rechargeable battery so it is completely wireless with an expected battery life of about 3.5 hours. Also has a fairly unique look, for some this will fit their décor, others may find the look a deal breaker.

Wireless Speaker Pairs

There is only one set that we recommend in this category. Acoustic Research AW-871 Wireless Stereo Speakers are simple to set up and can be completely wireless, we really like them. By default you will need to plug them in, but they do provide the option to add batteries. If you add rechargeable batteries (8 C cell batteries per speaker) then you have a pretty reliable wireless speaker setup. Really nice is that since you are adding the batteries, rather than them being built in, you can buy multiple sets and have unlimited wireless music.

5.1 Speaker System

A clear front-runner here, the Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1 Speaker System not only sounds good, but also provides the wireless rear speakers many are seeking. This allows for removal of the speaker wire to the rear speakers, they do still need a power cord however. So they are not completely wireless.

Full Wireless Home Theater Audio System

For a full wireless home theater audio system, there are two choices. Bang & Olufsen provide wireless connectivity to most of their speaker offerings. Well designed and reliable, but also not cheap.

The other option is still a work in progress. Announced at the CES show in 2016, they are close to being released.